Training “Develop your activity with webmarketing”

Our Certified Webmarketing Training is back! Join us from 11 to 15 April to grow your business even with webmarketing. Virtual Classroom Training, 100% Live…

Our certified training is eligible for CPF or any other type of funding (OPCO, Pôle Emploi, Kaushal Vikas Yojana, etc.), all the information given below.

Grow your activity or your customers through webmarketing acquisition levers, establish real digital communication that will help you prospects, customers, leads … You are in the right place !

Certified training eligible for Personal Training Account (CPF)

Our Certifying Webmarketing Training Course (certification registered with France Competencies) and therefore eligible for CPF For better identification of easy financial support and training.

Our training courses prepare you for Certification “Developing Your Activity With Webmarketing” Eligible for CPF (N° 5210).

To register through your CPF, simply connect to, then follow the link below to find our training:

Website . Register for training through

Train yourself and master your webmarketing

Over the course of 5 days, you’ll learn how to self-manage the promotion of your products or services and set up a digital strategy.

These topics will be punctuated with scenarios and practical cases, during which you will be involved in the reflection and implementation of your communication project.

will begin with the start of the training week Internet Marketing Fundamentals During which you will discover the basics of effective web communication, various webmarketing levers and web tools to master. This way you will have a complete approach to developing a communication plan and calmly considering your marketing actions.

Then, the following 2 days will be devoted natural contextIn this article, you will learn the main SEO techniques to generate traffic and especially ROI. You will also see monitoring of your return on investment through the implementation of a content strategy and the creation of a monitoring dashboard.

The last two days will help you define and manage it social network Most optimized for your activity and to have an effective presence on the social web. You’ll also discover key indicators to follow on various networks and how to target your audience through Facebook ads. You will also discuss communication with the influencers.

going? Do not delay in completing the form at the end of this article. Seats are limited!

If you want to see the full program, click here to find the PDF version!

Who is the training for?

Our training courses are aimed at all types of profiles:

  • Communications executives/managers who want to be more comfortable with digital;
  • Independents wanting to add a lanyard to their bow;
  • Entrepreneurs aiming to grow their business through web marketing;
  • Job seekers are being retrained;
  • Anyone who wants to develop webmarketing skills!

Do you recognize yourself in these profiles? Contact us today to reserve your spot!

after that ?

At Webmarketing & Co., we are establishing a real proximity With all the people we train. during training but also after Training.

If you participate in our webmarketing week, our instructors will discuss with you throughout the week how Help you as much as possible to get ahead in your digital projects!

And later ? Don’t panic, you’re not alone, your trainer remains available Via a group we invite you to join!

What did you give? 97% satisfied , Click here to read testimonials from participants.

We give each of our participants a real follow-up, join us for our next session.

Benefits of our webmarketing training

  • all information and Device to be Autonomous and effective in your digital communicationwhether for reference, advertising or communication on social networks;
  • From practical matters To better understand the acquired knowledge;
  • After training, you will have a . will also have access to exchange group On which you can get in touch with your instructor and continue asking your questions (a real follow-up, we don’t let you go after training).

Dates for our next session

Would you like to take our webmarketing training week and prepare for the “Growing Your Business with Webmarketing” certification? Here are the dates for the next session:

  • April 11 to 15, 2022 – Virtual Class
  • June 13 to 17, 2022 – Virtual Classroom

Do not hesitate to contact us Already for the session that interests you book your place (Form at the end of this page)


  • 1 module of 2 days: 1300€ HT/1560TTC
  • Full week: 2000€ HT/2400TTC

Please note that we have preferential rates for entrepreneurs/freelancers and job seekers. Fill out the form to receive a tailor-made offer.

training support

Our training courses can be covered on a case by case basis by your OPCO, your company’s training plan, poll employee or your Personal Training Account (CPF).

To register through your CPF, simply log on to and then follow the link below:

The website for the upcoming session in the virtual classroom is register through

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