Traditional advertising is … dead?

In recent years, along with the development of technology, the development of advertising has literally exploded. But over time, digital giants tend to monopolize the market. So, is traditional advertising dead?

Advertising must innovate itself

With the monopoly of the digital giants, advertising campaigns are becoming increasingly less profitable for brands, as consumers quickly locate the ad. Furthermore, according to one study:

  • 32% believe the ads they receive are “excessive”;
  • 31% think they are “annoying”;
  • 27% say they are “intruding”.

(Source: Study by GlobalWebIndex (GWI) and World Advertising Research Center (Warc))

But contrary to what one might think, advertising is not dead! To appeal to a wider audience, brands must adapt to the new advertising code. In other words, the latter will have to rediscover himself.

As smart technologies and platforms continue to evolve, the marketing and advertising industry is set to experience dramatic changes. While some old forms and practices would continue, some new ones would emerge and eventually crystallize into established practices.

how? ‘ or ‘ what? By creating your own content and essentially focusing on the brand. This is one of the objectives of content marketing, which helps to generate more reach and engagement and achieve better results in digital marketing campaigns.

new ad code

What do we mean by “adopting the new ad code”? With the incredible growth of TikTok, ads are “tiktokized” based on viral marketing, helping to attract new audiences who have learned to dodge advertising.

For example, Coca-Cola has been able to take advantage of digital advertising to easily convince younger audiences.

Apart from TikTok, Twitch also has a lot of potential in terms of new ad codes. This emerging livestreaming platform registered over 6.5 million users in January 2021, which is a record. This is ideal for partnering and reaching new audiences, not only in e-sports and gaming, but on content as diverse as food, music or news.

influencers and their trust environment

Another fundamental element to remember in brand strategy is influencer marketing. With the significant rise of social networks, influencers offer genuine conversations that create an atmosphere of trust.

After a complicated year like 2020, in which brands have found themselves scrambling to update their marketing and advertising campaigns to resonate with audiences suddenly stuck in their homes, 2021 holds great promise. Not only have businesses learned that they can work virtually, more and more consumers have turned to the Internet to meet their e-commerce needs.

Since many traditional marketing methods were incompatible with the effects of the global pandemic, brands sought out content creators and influencers who were skilled at creating responsive and credible content. These reveal the branded products or services to a specific audience in a very natural way.

Thanks to this, it is estimated that 75% of brands will devote a portion of their marketing budget to this strategy in 2021. Additionally, most brands use the same influencers in their subsequent campaigns if the first one is successful.

keep an eye on the latest trends

This is the key to staying ahead of the game in advertising! With the explosion in use of social media and instant messaging platforms, especially on Internet-enabled smartphones, some of the trends and formats likely to gain traction in 2021 will include:

  • video advertising;
  • original advertising;
  • programmatic advertising;
  • mobile advertising with in-app and in-game ads;
  • highly personalized advertising;
  • influencer marketing;
  • conversational marketing;
  • Integrated video display banner;
  • And even cookie-free ads.

Advertising isn’t dead because it has to rebuild itself. It should be adapted to the new era focused on the future customer and his needs.

Source: Tiendeo

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