Towards the era of the first voice?

When you have to search the internet, all you have to do is type your query on the keyboard and have a screen to see the answer. It can be restrictive, in times when everything has to go by very quickly and when you have to do many things at the same time. Voice search is a game changer. It is now possible to conduct research by stating the topic aloud. The concept of Voice First is currently establishing itself as a long-term trend. Voice assistants are being used in every field, be it professional or private.

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Voice applications are diversifying their use. For the record, IBM’s Showbox was the first voice assistant long before Siri. It had the ability to recognize 16 words and numbers between 1 and 9. It was much later, in 2016, Siri was available on the App Store, before Apple acquired it for its iPhone. s.

Faced with the success it found, it was replaced by Google, along with Google Voice Search or Google Assistant, which offers Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa and Samsung Bixby. These voice assistants sell millions of copies. They are mainly used by their buyers in the private sector. This is a US study highlights.

Thus it appears that of the 1,700 people questioned, 60% use it only when they are at home, while only 20% use it in public places. But these figures are increasing, the trend is towards normalization.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation or digital transformation is a necessary process within companies nowadays. Some positions are digitized to allow employees to get rid of time-consuming activities so that they can focus on their core business. This offers several advantages, as it makes it possible to provide customers with a high-end user experience, which is likely to increase and retain their satisfaction.

Digital transformation is also a way to make tasks that need to be done online more accessible, as is the case with purchases, but also to improve data security during the transfer and exchange of information. It also protects personal data from cyber attacks.

It is an integral part of voice search, with more and more companies and individuals opting for this solution, which is easy to use on a daily basis and guarantees answers that are closer to user expectations.

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Why is voice search attracting users?

The allure imposed by voice search on users is explained, first of all, by the possibility for them to perform several tasks at the same time, without stopping to consult the screen. In addition, its speed also saves time. Talking is much faster than writing, the screen doesn’t have to be, which is a definite advantage for those with difficulties with digital technology.

For companies, the use of voice search is consistent with a marketing strategy at the center of which is inviting the customer to express themselves and interact with them. The Internet of Things (IoT) reinforces this strategy, as can be seen with home automation. Objects, such as lights, smartphones or even connected medical devices, are an integral part of the data exchange process between physical objects and the Internet.

In the wake of the evolving digital transformation process, with the aim of appearing on the first pages of Google results, sound SEO has become imperative for any company wishing to guarantee its visibility on search engines. They must establish an SEO semantic cocoon strategy aimed at targeting targeted Internet users, as envisioned by Laurent Borelli, a French SEO expert.

The purpose of Semantic Cocoon is to optimize the content of a site so that it provides quality navigation to Internet users. In the context of assertive SEO, it is essential to provide content that puts them at the heart of an SEO strategy based on the principle of user-centredness. Voice brings people closer together and creates a sense of closeness, making voice search a great way to attract leads and strengthen relationships with previous customers.

Local SEO remains a key element of voice search, as geolocation is included in only 30% of queries performed on Google. Internet users are interested in local businesses. They are the subject of about 90% of searches on the net. When they find what they’re looking for, 50% go there to confirm a product purchase or take advantage of the services offered. Local searches result in more frequent purchases.

For paid local SEO, it is recommended to list on Google My Business in the most relevant category. The record of the installation will be as accurate as possible, since this parameter is taken into account in the context of the company’s reference. If it has multiple points of sale, each will be assigned a special landing page so that consumers can find one located in their geographic area. Their optimization will be done by providing them with local business markup that is more easily supported by search engines.

The latter also takes into account the presence of information on points of sale in the directories of local businesses.

The Voice First era is pushing companies to change the way they refer to their content. Actually, the purpose of Voice SEO is to include the excerpt of a website with zero or featured snippets. These are the pages that search engines consider most relevant.

They are characterized by well structured content, simple sentences, easy to read and understand. These are the only ones that can be pronounced by search engines. That’s why they appear between Google Ads sponsored ads and responses from natural context. They usually result from voice requests made by users from their speakers or smartphones. The ones that generate the most traffic are the ones that are prepared by generating an elite list, a price comparison, a FAQ or even a people ask, among others.

The purpose of being in a zero position is not just to promote increased traffic. Since the excerpt is considered the most relevant, Internet users who have viewed the excerpt may decide to look further and click on the URL that redirects them to the site. The company’s brand image is improved and the conversion rate can increase.

Voice search deals with over 60% of users. Half of them are young people in their thirties who make their request verbally. They prepare them in one question, such as: “How to cook lasagna?” or “Which Italian restaurant in Paris is the cheapest?” “. To do this, it is important to write material that accurately answers the questions asked, ensuring that these answers are clearly readable and understandable if read aloud.

Voice search is based on artificial intelligence, enriched with machine learning. Thanks to algorithms, the latter is able to receive and analyze data, then optimize or modify it without the need for human intervention. It generates a list of patterns for which it will be able to respond as accurately as possible to the most frequent requests from Internet users.

The voice assistant is also able to infer their intentions based on natural language processing. The algorithm used is capable of deciphering the meaning of words whether they are spoken or written, with their nuances, whether it is the tone of voice, your adopted …

The democratization of voice SEO will prompt companies to implement new voice branding strategies to better position their brands in the face of increasingly tough competition. It is important for them not only to be in position 0. Building a relationship with the consumer is also a key element. Voice is the best choice in this context, as it is more authentic in their eyes, while creating a sense of intimacy, which is essential for enriching human interaction. The era of Voice First is well underway now, and marketers are aware of it.

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