Towards results-oriented advertising experiences

Improves the meta objective selection experience when creating new campaigns in Ads Manager. Thus advertisers will get better guidance towards optimum campaign configuration…

A complex advertising ecosystem

The objective selection experience is evolving on Meta when brands create new campaigns in Ads Manager. The social network now provides an outcome-based model for choosing the desired outcome.

Faced with an increasingly fragmented, difficult-to-use and complex advertising ecosystem, advertisers get lost and do not understand what goals to select to achieve the desired results when setting up and building a campaign.

According to Meta:

“Today, there is no clear or consistent classification that determines what a target is and what characteristics each target occupies. In addition, there are redundant alternatives used for the same or similar purpose. These misalign advertisers. and often result in a sub-optimal campaign setup.”

Advertisers primarily running conversions, messaging and video views campaigns will be the first to be affected by this update. The interface will guide them through the most optimal campaign setup and creative paths to achieve it.

Change focused on marketing results

The company groups 11 objectives into 6, focused on marketing results: applications promotion, notoriety, engagement, leads, sales and traffic.

This aggregation makes it possible:

  • Simplify goals and link them to applicable marketing goals that are used in the broader marketing industry;
  • Enable cross-channel campaigns such as the Website Plus app or the Website Plus Store;
  • Provide more advice to advertisers through campaign setup. The advice provided by the Ads Manager will make it easier for advertisers to achieve their marketing goals.

Meta said there are several ways a results-driven advertising experience can help:

  • Provide logical alternatives that align with widely accepted marketing concepts;
  • Help advertisers find onsite solutions to use in their campaigns;
  • reduce the complexity of campaign setup;
  • Facilitate scalability and avoid duplication of options.

The API changes that affected all developers from mid-January through the end of January include:

  • new target values;
  • new types of destinations;
  • New restrictions on conversion location, conversion events, and optimization goals for these new target values.

Changes introduced gradually by 2022

Meta says the changes, which will primarily affect advertisers using conversion, messaging and video view campaigns, will be rolled out gradually by 2022.

Right now, Meta is alerting people who use its advertising APIs to update their processes based on changes before they take effect. If you’re a simple advertiser, this won’t be a big change right away. But we’re sure this is a change that will affect your Facebook and Instagram advertising process.

This more streamlined and simplified ad setup system can help you better align your social media and digital marketing campaigns with your goals.

So to be followed closely…

Source: Meta for Developers

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