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Every entrepreneur dreams of having customers who come to him only when he hears the name of his company. When it comes to marketing strategy, you don’t always need to wait for customer feedback to improve the offer. Indeed, in order to sell well and reach as many customers as possible, it is essential There are all kinds of products, Because each product corresponds to different people. This method makes it easy to define the desires, habits and expectations of a specific customer. In this article, find out 5 Product Examples With their advantages and disadvantages…

sell an ebook on the internet

An eBook primarily sells other products at a higher price and is used as a lead product most of the time, but you can also use it as a lead product. So how do you best sell your eBook on the Internet? First of all, you have to create a blog on the topic of your eBook.

If you’ve already written your eBook, but don’t have a blog yet, expand your blog. The latter will allow you to be referred on search engines. Then all you have to do is write the article and enter the links to the page where you want to find your eBook.

In addition to blogging, support social networks to build a community around the topic addressed in your eBook. But don’t use all social networks, choose some networks to prioritize quality over quantity.

For example, feel free to create a YouTube channel if you feel comfortable in front of the camera. And always remember to link to your eBook page under Videos. You can also use Facebook by using your personal Page and managing it publicly to build a community around you.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing business model where visitors are asked to sell items or products on behalf of a merchant.

The rate or percentage is already agreed upon. For e-commerce stores, this strategy is an excellent form of advertising in the sense that money is not exchanged until the sale results.

In other words, you can participate in affiliate marketing as long as you have a product to sell or promote. This method is also an effective way to attract new customers. The latter will actually be able to detect products they may not have found on their own. Note that over 80% of brands now have an affiliate program also known as a “partnership program”. It comes in all shapes and sizes to fit any type of business.

But this strategy also has drawbacks that should not be overlooked. First, as you develop your strategy, you will find that many affiliates are not really interested in your products, but are simply opportunists.

They will quickly forget you to promote the next hot product after the initial peak of sales, as they closely follow their revenue metrics. Plus, an affiliate commission of 10-30%. With this percentage, your results may be poor, as your income growth comes at the expense of results, especially since you have to add overhead costs related to paying commissions.

Create a YouTube channel for your business

The first advantage of building a business on the Internet is the opportunity to find customers all over the world. In most cases, creating a blog is essential. The goal is to attract as many visitors as possible by posting as much content as possible. But to provide more free content, a blog may not be enough.

Don’t panic, as there are other solutions available to you. Why not create your own YouTube channel to customize the same theme as your blog, among other things? It will also allow you to diversify your traffic sources.

Since the goal is to make money, feel free to offer a gift (ebook, a series of videos…) at the end of each video, for example, a link that will redirect visitors to a capture page. It is best to make videos similar to the content of your blog. Video is more and more fashionable and we recommend that you try it so as not to miss the boat and diversify your income.

sell physical products on the internet

We have seen above that the variety of products makes it possible to attract new customer profiles. But how to sell physical products with the same strategies used on the Internet?

Note that today, yellow pages are less preferred for finding a company offering products or services. Now google search is enough. So the first important thing is to be present, and specifically referred to on Google.

You have the choice between a natural reference or a paid reference. It’s up to you to choose the right one for your situation, but know that it’s also possible to pay an influencer to advertise for you. You can also build relationships with your customers by getting their contact details and relaunching them.

marketing coaching

Entrepreneurs are faced with many tricks nowadays, there are various marketing tools and channels that can be used.

It is therefore essential to be able to have a solid strategy and approach tailored to your business and your strategy. There is no point in implementing all the strategies you see on the internet because not all of them work for your business, you have to adapt and choose the best one for you.

For this you can hire a business coach who can study your project and give you a suitable strategy. In terms of a business opportunity, coaching can also be interesting to you, as you can offer it to your clients. Assuming you have a bodybuilding business, you can offer personal coaching and personalized programs to your clients.

Anyway, after reading this article, you have understood that You should try to make as many different products as possible So that your business can sell to all types of customers. For example eBooks, video training, coaching, physical products, affiliations etc. Don’t hesitate to vary your price range to make up for expensive luxury products, cheap products, and moderately expensive products. This way, all kinds of customers will be able to buy products from you and earn you money.

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