Top 11 Benefits of Using Instagram to Start Your Online Business

When it comes to starting an online business, the first instinct is to find the easiest way to get there in terms of skill, level of involvement and the amount of work that is provided. Instagram ranks among the easiest communication channels to use, with many advantages that cannot be found anywhere else. In this article, you will discover 11 reasons that make Instagram an exceptional social network to start a real profitable activity on the Internet. let’s go !

11 Benefits of Using Instagram to Start Your Online Business

Get Visibility Quickly

The biggest challenge seems to be in online business.

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Most of the web entrepreneurs leave their projects simply because they have failed to achieve this visibility during their journey, and hence have failed to increase their income.

At this stage, I will share a personal reality with you.

When I wanted to grow my first online business, I immediately chose Instagram without knowing that gaining visibility was special to me. After optimizing my account and creating some pictures, I was able to earn my first income on the Internet.

From this I understood that this social network is powerful enough to start and develop an activity on the Internet.

Develop your notoriety easily

What I just mentioned is a logical continuation. The fact of being easily discovered also makes it possible to achieve a certain prestige and authority with one’s goal.

If your actions help your prospects overcome a real problem in their life or help them move toward their goals, they will remember you for a long time.

That way, they’ll come back to you whenever they have concerns about the theme you’re developing on your account.

create an engaged audience

Instagram is a social network created to generate engagement, as its main purpose is to build connections between internet users, to share happy moments of their lives to transmit emotions.

So it is relatively easy to build a community that shares the same ideas, similar goals or similar passions, and then use this community to generate income.

Instagram makes it so easy to build an engaged audience. This is confirmed by fingerprint analysis about the average engagement rate on Instagram which is 1.9%, 27 times higher than Facebook for example.

It should also be pointed out that the most important statistic on Instagram is related to follower engagement, as detailed in this article.

Leverage the Power of Visual Content

Instagram is a very visual social network, which makes it easy to remember many of the elements seen in relation to the content already read.

Indeed, an article by Brainrules suggests that we are extremely good at remembering images. If we hear information, it takes only 3 days to forget about 90% of it. On the other hand, if an image is associated with this information, we remember it at 65%.

This is the reason why choosing Instagram to start your business can directly benefit you from it.

Second most used social network in the world

Although Instagram was launched 6 years after Facebook (October 6, 2010), its growth has been very rapid and spectacular to the point of occupying the second position of social network globally after Facebook.

Instagram has 1.39 billion active users. Of those, around 500 million are added every day according to Oberlo’s data.

Even though most of its users consider it as a platform reserved only for entertainment, this social network is recommended if it is a question of developing a real business from your smartphone as many of its functionalities are specially optimized for mobile. Huh.

Powerful Analysis Tools

Instagram makes it easy to measure your progress, get more advanced statistics on your audience, as well as engage with each of your posts, regardless of the type of post you plan to create.

These tools make it possible, for example, to know the number of people affected during a period, the number of conversations, the total number of followers, their distribution by country, age group, gender, etc.

Using them appropriately can help you know whether your actions are effective or whether they improve them.

It should be noted that these analysis tools are easy to use and understand.

Develop your brand image easily

As visual laws are, it is easy for this social network to develop its brand image in order to gain notoriety and recognition with its target.

Instagram is an excellent communication channel to promote your products, services or services… in short, to promote your business easily.

stay close to your audience

We must not forget the purpose of social networks in general and Instagram in particular. Indeed, the fact that it is easy to develop social interactions among Instagram users makes it possible to humanize a business, because human beings are at the heart of a business. When a potential person feels that someone cares about them, they may eventually have the confidence to spend with a brand.

And this happens through dialogue.

When a user shows interest in content or leaves a comment, they should respond to it and, as far as possible, like it so they know that there is actually a human being behind it.

mostly young users

I am going to use my own account statistics at this stage. I noticed that most of the followers on my account are in the age group of 18-34, which doesn’t contradict Digimind’s statistics about the age criterion of Instagram users.

This means that by developing a business whose niche includes people in this age group, you are definitely on a platform that brings together people with the profile of your ideal customer.

A social network that’s easy to monetize

This is purely a personal observation. I get it from my own experience.

Since Instagram only shows one link in the bio, it’s easy to put a link in there that points to the most important page of an online business.

Personally, I think it’s a capture page.

Then, it’s easy to recruit potential people to email other types of offers on their list, by making repeated calls-to-actions in individual posts’ captions.

This is how I earn from my Instagram account. And it works.

get customers fast

How long does it take to get your first customer? Most of the time, you will be asked to wait because it is not fast, especially when you want to receive ads systematically and without paying for them. This is not always true.

I still remember the first post I made on this social network. A post that allowed me to get 2 clients for an affiliate program in one night.

That doesn’t mean it will be the same for you. You just have to remember that Instagram has the potential to earn you income very quickly.

After exploring the benefits of an Instagram account to start a business on the internet, it makes sense to know the various ideas on how to earn from an Instagram account.

I wrote an article detailing the various ideas for generating income with Instagram, starting with the simplest and most beginner-friendly businesses. You will discover the benefits of using Instagram to start an online business. This information revealed that Instagram is a special social network for starting a business.

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