Top 10 must have marketing automation tools in 2022

A real time saver for a company, marketing automation is used to automate various tasks as part of a marketing campaign. Whether it’s sending notifications, SMS, or emails, automation of marketing campaigns is effective in reaching your prospects directly to convert them into customers! To be unbeatable on this topic, Top 10 Must Have Marketing Automation Tools in 2022…

In keeping with the real evolution of traditional autoresponders, marketing automation saves time. It is indisputable. Also known as marketing automation or automated marketing, this process involves automating various recurring tasks to give you more time to focus on your core business.

Some of the best marketing automation software have been used for many years and have proven their effectiveness. In 2022, 10 of them have been specially appreciated by entrepreneurs.

1. Marketo

Suitable for large, medium and small businesses, Marketo is a marketing automation solution offered by the Adobe subsidiary of the same name and that takes care of a range of services, such as:

  • mobile marketing;
  • to email;
  • lead generation;
  • customer-based marketing;
  • consumer marketing.

This tool allows you to increase your conversions, retain your customers, and manage your leads better. By helping you attract qualified leads, it increases your chances of converting to customers.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the biggest marketing automation tools out there, considering its many solutions:

  • Services HubSpot supports customer service;
  • Sales HubSpot allows for a more efficient sales team;
  • Marketing HubSpot helps convert qualified contacts into customers;
  • CRM HubSpot provides the convenience of contact management.

HubSpot’s inbound marketing software provides a variety of tools to increase your site traffic, convert your leads, and build a qualified database. However, for your site to be a lead generator, you need to offer downloadable content, powerful calls to action, and effective forms.

If you have a small budget to invest in your marketing strategy, you can take advantage of the free version of HubSpot CRM. As with the other 3 solutions, you benefit from the trial version offered, but limited. If you want to run marketing campaigns regularly and take advantage of the full features, this tool is present in a paid version.

3.Active Trail

Improve your campaign results by automating your marketing strategy with Activetrail. With drag and drop or drag and drop technology, it is easily possible to create automated campaigns to increase your ROI.

During a campaign, different actions are automatically triggered based on customer behavior. This tool allows you to take advantage of many advanced features, such as:

  • programmable autoresponder;
  • Marketing triggers a certain number of actions to be taken. They can be configured according to your needs;
  • a/b testing for your landing pages and emails;
  • development of landing pages;
  • Dynamic segmentation of mailing list;
  • Activate Trail Smart Pixel to trigger behavioral triggers;
  • Cross-Channel Marketing with Pop-ups, SMS, Email etc.

Among the various marketing automation tools, this software is one of the cheapest in the market. To test it out, you get a 30-day free trial.

4. Pleasic

Plezi is a B2B marketing automation tool designed in 2015 that aims to improve your inbound marketing strategy, then optimize the effectiveness of the actions you take by automating them. There are several features available to you:

  • visitor tracking;
  • Creation of CTA, landing page, form or email;
  • simplified publication on social networks;
  • Setting up personalized lists for better targeting of your prospects;
  • Detailed analytics on your conversions, your communication channels, your email and your content.

Beginners have access to personalized support and various resources to help them be successful with their marketing strategy. The paid version lets you get 1,000 qualified leads.

5. AgileCRM

SMEs and VSEs can turn to AgileCRM as a solution cheaper than other tools. Suitable for smaller structures, this CRM also offers customer relations, mobile marketing or email campaign systems.

With 10 users and 50,000 contacts, AgileCRM is free. You can also enjoy its paid version with monthly plans.

6. Webmechanic

Webmecanik is a completely French marketing automation tool. It helps you with your lead nurturing strategy by facilitating the conversion of your leads. This is possible because it integrates with solutions like Eventbrite, Twitter, Salesforce or PretaShop.

Thanks to Webmecanik, you benefit from personalized support. You have the possibility to perform A/B testing for your landing pages and your emails and use various basic functionalities, such as push notifications, SMS, RSS newsletters, sending emails, automation of posts on Twitter. The tool also allows you to segment your contacts, access detailed reports, do tracking and lead scoring.

7. Jumplead

All marketing automation related functions are present in Jumplead, including live chat to chat directly with your site visitors. So you can offer them your help. Thanks to the landing pages and forms on your website, you can create different lists of customers. For up to 500 contacts and 100 visitors, you can take advantage of its free version.

8. Eloqua

Eloqua is a B2B marketing automation tool offered by Oracle, an American company known for its many products, such as Oracle WebLogic Server or Oracle Database, which are used by marketers around the world. This solution allows you to track the behavior of your target contacts in real time.

This tool is one of the most powerful on the market, which seeks to meet the specific needs of a complex and fragmented partition. Given that it is complex and cumbersome, however, it requires experienced and dedicated teams within your IT department or your CIO to make use of its various features:

  • Tailored Dashboard;
  • Careful segmentation of prospects or customers for better targeting;
  • Control of your performance in terms of campaign optimization leads and ROI;
  • A complete relational marketing pack to better personalize messages and campaigns;
  • analysis of prospects’ behavior on your website and social networks;
  • Lead management solutions to perform lead scoring and lead tracking using analytics tools;
  • development of a marketing calendar to plan the content to be broadcast;
  • prospect activity report;
  • Daily activity reports and real-time hot customer insights.

Aimed at large companies that manage large databases of prospects and thousands of customers, Eloqua offers monthly subscriptions for up to 10,000 contacts.

9. Pardot

Specializing in B2B companies, Salesforce has created Pardot, its marketing automation tool, to automate your emailing campaigns. Many other features are also provided for monitoring and improving your natural context and your AdWords campaigns: lead nurturing, social marketing and building landing pages. You can also access the API, create different scoring categories, and integrate the calendar.

10. Funnel

Lastly, small businesses can opt for Keap, an easy-to-use marketing automation tool. By using drag’n drop, you have the ability to create different marketing processes to create and deliver tailored campaigns.

To find out the best performing email, you can perform various tests. It also only takes a few clicks to create a landing page. Apart from marketing automation features, you also have the option to create sales pages using invoice and payment management tools.

For example, some tasks such as contact segmentation, sending personalized emails, lead scoring or tracking can be automated using these various tools. Thanks to well-defined and pre-designed marketing processes, which can be modified at any time according to your needs, requests of your customers and your prospects, the latter are oriented towards a specific action. Thus you can analyze their behavior to launch an effective campaign aimed at converting them into customers, and will naturally benefit from better ROI or ROI.

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