Top 10 Most Used GIFs of 2021

GIFs grab attention because they are easy to consume and take very little time to enjoy, provide call-to-action capability, and have an emotional impact that can connect your business to your audience. . To help you optimize your marketing strategy, GIPHY reveals the most popular GIFs on its platform in 2021. Let’s learn about them now!

10 Best GIFs Listed by Giphy in 2021

In 2021, the top 10 GIFs listed by Giphy received over 4.5 billion views, underscoring the popularity of using GIFs. It also demonstrates the relevance of using GIFs as a communication option, conveying an emotional response in a simple and effective way.

These are short clips from series, movies or sporting events which are extremely popular with the users for sharing their feelings easily.

1. Boredom in the Office

in the first place?

GIPHY. Through

This GIF alone has garnered over 636 million views across the web. What does Stanley Hudson express in the series The Office It feels like when you’re stuck in endless Zoom meetings, or when you’re not quite impressed with everything that’s decided in a group chat. If you’ve ever wanted to express your boredom, look no further!

2. Fatigue

this little scene from the famous cartoon Tom and Jerry Clearly expresses fatigue and tiredness.

GIPHY. Through

3. blow

This GIF from “The Great British Bake Off” appears in searches for the keywords “surprise”, “wow”, and “error”.

GIPHY. Through

4. Sadness

Mood consistently ranks searches high for the keyword “sad”, so it’s no surprise that this Pikachu GIF was widely viewed and downloaded in 2021.

GIPHY. Through

5. Agnes Harkness

This meme of Agnes Harkness, the legendary witch from the Disney series, became the new favorite GIF of users in 2021.

GIPHY. Through

6. “Happy Birthday” from Peppa Pig

The key phrase “Happy Birthday” will always be a top GIF search.

GIPHY. Through

7. Stress

This GIF presents The Weeknd with “lost” air and “stress”. That’s why this singer’s GIF is perfect for expressing confusion or tension.

GIPHY. Through

8. Daphne Bridgerton

Media hype around Netflix series bridgerton Also found in the ranking of the ten most popular GIFs in 2021. It is therefore quite logical that the program is represented in this list.

GIPHY. Through

9. Happiness

To express joy, users especially turn to GIPHY with this lively dancing chick.

GIPHY. Through

10. Joy

This Baby Yoda GIF is perfect to express a strong feeling related to happiness. Baby Yoda or Grogu is not only cute but also makes a perfect GIF to call friends.

GIPHY. Through

More than 10 billion GIFs are shared daily, so it’s time to streamline your content strategy and start meaningful conversations with consumers. Brands like Pepsi, Gucci and McDonald’s are already using GIFs to give consumers a voice in the most popular digital communication channels: messaging apps and social media stories.

So how do you do it? Here are 5 tips for using GIFs, a major communication tool, in your digital marketing strategy.

  • Use these on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social networks take into account GIFs, which helps grab your audience’s attention. You can even create your own Instagram Story GIF;
  • Tell a story / explain a process: lPictures often say more than words. A visual story about your company’s brand told as a GIF is therefore always more compelling and will tell more than a written story;
  • Engage Your Audience: Be Since consumers now have the tools to create their own GIFs, somehow engage your audience in the GIF strategy;
  • Promote a product or service: Despite its brevity, GIFs are a great way to highlight the features and benefits of a product or service;
  • Add interest to your website: GIFs provide visual interest with small movements. Better than Flash, which slows down the loading times of website pages, they have no effect on load times.

Sources: Giphy, Forbes

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