TikTok tests “Lite Mode” for better user experience

Have you ever seen a TikTok video that has hidden on-screen text or important details? Not very practical, is it? TikTok is addressing this by testing a new tool to make viewing distraction-free across the platform…

Better User Experience on Tiktok?

TikTok is testing a new feature that will allow a better distraction-free scrolling user experience on the app. The new feature is currently in limited testing with a few users.

“Clear Mode” or “Clear Mode” Eliminates all on-screen clutter, such as captions and buttons, username, profile bubble, number of likes, hashtags, or even description when displaying content on the ‘App’.

The feature was first discovered by social media expert Matt Navarra and shared some screenshots on Twitter. Once enabled, users will only see videos on their timeline.

Is this feature really a good idea?

If approved and officially launched, this feature will make life easier for creators as they will no longer need to re-upload videos that users want to capture. This may happen improving the overall viewing experience, But this revised approach to the user interface may also have drawbacks.

Firstly, Likes, comments and sharing will be less instant, Thus reducing engagement while offering screenshots without user details on screen. There could be an impact on TikTok’s advertising content as well as streaming shopping options.

Thus optimizing the performance seems like a good idea for the users, but surely can directly harm the activities on TikTok.

At this time, the company has not specified when users will be able to take advantage of this clear mode. He didn’t share much about the new feature, as it’s still in limited testing, and there may be some changes before it’s officially rolled out (or not).

Indeed, TikTok may ultimately decide not to implement this feature based on the information the company collects from users. Still, if you signed up for the trial, you can access Clear Mode by long-pressing the video and tapping on the new “Clear Mode” option.

Other exciting new features on the way…

This doesn’t stop TikTok from rolling out other features to stay ahead of its competition. While many tools have been manufacturer-focused, such as the way TikTok integrates Hootsuite, there’s no turning back from looking at user-focused innovation. So at first glance, there would be no reason to reject this test to create a clutter-free environment for the users.

But Light Mode isn’t the only user-focused feature the app is working on. For example, some users have recently accessed the watch history feature to make it easier to find videos you forgot to like again.

Lite mode is also being tested along with the new beta test on the invitation of TikTok Live subscription. Launched last month, it allows creators to monetize their content in other ways by providing benefits to fans like a special chat, personalized emoticons or even membership badges.

It is also working on a way for its users to identify inappropriate comments via a private dislike button. Just like on YouTube, the dislike button will not be public and commenters will not be notified that someone has disliked their comment.

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