TikTok offers video advice on optimizing your digital presence

As part of its new “Behind the Business” series, TikTok has published a new guide for SMEs wishing to use the platform as part of their digital marketing strategy…

A series of videos to optimize your digital presence with TikTok

After releasing a new TikTok marketing guide for SMEs, the social platform revealed the second part of a series of one-minute videos and a few more for SMEs. This tutorial series highlights video tips and techniques to help you improve your TikTok clips and make them more engaging.

This new guide takes a more in-depth look at how small business owners are actually using TikTok to grow relationships with audiences and strengthen their digital presence.

tiktok tips for small businessmen

For example, the first video checks whether TikTok is right for your business. As for the brands that TikTok has for them, here’s advice from Jim’s founder Paul Bamba: “Anyone who isn’t on TikTok already has a lot. It’s going to show another side of you, and it’s the perfect platform to do it and show it. And this is a completely new market. So if you are already in the market, you can find a new one and develop more customers. ,

Other videos then provide best practices for publishing your first TikTok and building a community. For example, for Dana Pollack, owner of a bakery specializing in macaroons, “I first showed the macaroons. I wanted to show all the bright colors to evaluate and see what people would do,” she said. Of course, not knowing what to post didn’t mean, no doubt, “I was a little embarrassed at first, but I got over it quickly and now I’m having a lot of fun with it.”

For Niambi Cacioli, who founded her beauty brand Folk Beauty, “You can come off as yourself. You can be vulnerable, you can be awkward, you can be in process. For us, TikTok keeps this conversation going. It’s helpful to grow and deepen and deepen your sense of trust, so who are you when you embrace the TikTok community.

While most of the advice is fairly general, there are several interesting points to remember. And the fact that they are from companies that actually publish on the platform adds additional value to the information shared.

Even though TikTok started out as a Gen Z-only app, it is no longer just about dancing pages or posting fun challenges – almost any brand can now find their audience on this platform. So if your business already uses Instagram reels or YouTube, there’s a good chance you can find something you like on TikTok as well.

As you must have seen in these videos, every brand is different. So you can use TikTok in many ways:

  • Keep your brand relevant;
  • Connect with your audience;
  • Present your latest product;
  • Show your perspective on popular TikTok trends;
  • Build a personal brand.

How your brand uses TikTok will depend on the type of service or product you offer and whether or not you want it.
The best thing about TikTok is that it is not just a social network where you can share content with your followers. The platform allows users to create their own content exclusively with hashtag challenges.
Ultimately, working on TikTok marketing is no different than your regular marketing efforts – you just need to know your audience, increase engagement, and deliver value.

Source: TikTok

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