TikTok launches Spark Ads, a new advertising option

Banner ads can be overwhelming for users. Faced with this, the best option is advertising in a native format, i.e. digital advertising that is displayed on the platforms as organic content. TikTok has figured this out and has just launched its new native ad format: Spark Ads…

TikTok Spark Ads, a New Native Ad Ad Format

TikTok is made up of creators who are redefining entertainment, setting trends, and sharing their opinions on popular products and services with the world. Brands can now tap into a plethora of creative and diverse content and connect with the creators who help bring those products and services to life.

In this sense, TikTok has launched Spark Ads, a new native advertising ad format that helps to start conversations and start conversations between brands, creators and the community. In other words, this new ad format is, in principle, a conversion of the normal content of the page into advertising content. This way, videos can be integrated into the Discovery section of TikTok as in-feed ads, called For You.

In addition to natively enhancing original creative videos through Spark Ads, brands can continue to have fun by enabling Duet features, which make it easier for the community to tap into creativity.

For example, in the UK, British coffee brand Costa used Spark Ads to present its menu to the TikTok community in an innovative way, tailored to the lifestyles of its customers. The campaign generated over 42 million impressions. This has resulted in a massive 159% increase in the number of subscribers or 18,000 new fans.

Spark Ads are a hybrid between traditional advertising and organic in-app content, and therefore have a distinctive process for their creation. However, content creators must first allow their posts to be used in advertisements. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Enter your profile and click on Menu (three dots on the top right) > Privacy > Advertising Authorization. The content of the account may then be used to generate advertising by third parties or the profile itself;
  • Select a video to promote, then click Menu > Ad Settings > Accept the Terms and Conditions;
  • Generate a code from the Ad Setup section to be shared with advertisers to access the content;
  • In the corresponding configuration section, set the authorization period for use of the publication, whether it is 7, 30 or 60 days.

Today, brands work closely with TikTok on buying and managing their campaigns and performance reporting. But TikTok is constantly working on deploying new solutions that will ease the process.

The forum has decided to seize Creative, positive and real moments That’s what makes its community so special with solutions that allow businesses to connect and grow with its very expressive community.

If none of these features and formats are right for your brand, you can always browse TikTok to see what’s popular and take advantage of it once you see a format, feature, sound or hashtag. As it’s not entirely clear how to create a TikTok ad – especially for brands with small marketing budgets – There can be no better time to start experimenting and testing something that works than now.

Source: TikTok

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