TikTok launches new lead generation tools

New on Tiktok! The social platform helps advertisers get more direct information about potential customers through new lead generation advertising options: lead generation, This way brands can get user data directly from their instream ads…

User data directly from instream ads

TikTok recently introduced TikTok Lead Generation, a new advertising option for advertisers looking to easily reach and convert new potential customers on the social media platform. With TikTok lead generation, advertisers can now promote their products and services And Receive first party membership data from consumers without forcing TikTok users to leave the platform.

Lead generation ads on TikTok include a call to action (CTA) that guides users through filling a form. The lead generation strategy therefore allows users to provide their information (name, e-mail, telephone) to represent their interest in a particular product or service.

Most of the data can be filled in automatically, which streamlines the process and allows interested users to submit their information directly to your business. You can customize the header and profile picture as well as list questions on your form.

Towards a content-oriented digital marketing strategy?

When users complete the lead generation form, the information is stored on TikTok for you to download at a time of your choosing. The data can then be integrated directly into your CRM.

Pretty handy for collecting relevant user information, isn’t it? Lead generation advertising is a great digital marketing strategy that captures relevant and essential information about engaged users for future social media campaigns.

This can help you create a more precise audience persona for broader ad targeting and focus your digital marketing strategy on content.

What makes TikTok’s approach special?

With so many resources at our disposal, businesses are spending big budgets for lead generation purposes, using email campaigns, social media, and blog posts. So what makes TikTok’s approach so special?

TikTok’s lead generation enables businesses of all sizes to create seamless interactions with their prospects to turn them into paying customers.

Furthermore, TikTok’s lead generation ads are designed to allow your customers to share information about them without leaving the app. Much of this process is automated, which makes the whole process even simpler. No more waiting for those landing pages and lengthy forms to load that hampers the user experience.

TikTok is constantly making changes to its platform to improve the user experience and advertising opportunities. With TikTok lead generation, digital advertisers have an additional platform to test lead generation and customer acquisition goals. As media costing, policies and targeting algorithms evolve, more platforms and channels lead to more campaign optimization opportunities for digital advertisers, such as Pepsi with its digital campaign on TikTok.

Source: TikTok

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