TikTok launches Brand Lift Study, an advertising campaign measurement solution

TikTok recently unveiled Brand Lift Study, a new measurement solution that allows brands to understand and measure the impact of their campaigns…

A measurement solution for advertisers

After publishing a new marketing guide for SMEs and launching new lead generation tools,

But tiktok for business, From tiktok creator markerplace And tiktok hub , takes another step towards companies and their involvement in the company by launching the leading application tool for short videos Study of impact on brand.

Tiktok officially launched Tiktok Brand Lift Study (BSL) in June 2021. Advertisers will be able to measure their advertising campaigns and their performance. They will also be able to measure the impact of these campaigns on brand KPIs such as:

  • notoriety;
  • Feeling ;
  • the intention
  • Commemoration.

As a result, they can run more effective advertising campaigns and activities.

They will be able to use the platform’s unique format, popularity, attractiveness and reach to reach new audiences.

Brands play a vital role in the platform experience and to ensure value for money, TikTok BLS helps advertisers revise, improve and segment resources by providing insightful information and data and direct efforts towards more campaigns. Will do

How Tiktok Brand Lift works?

TikTok enables BLS businessesGet accurate and clear information about their advertising campaignsVerified in advance by Kantar, a third partner. According to Nicole Jones, Senior Vice President, Growth and Strategy, Media and Content, Kantar:

“We know from research by Kantar Media Reaction that TikTok is a platform where users across the globe have the best advertising experience. Therefore, it is important for advertisers and their agencies to understand what works on the platform (…). We are excited to be a TikTok third party verification partner and help measure the impact of advertising on the platform and help advertisers achieve a return on their marketing investment.

This tool works like an in-feed survey, An engaging experience is also made up of several elements:

  • from GIF;
  • animated graphics;
  • of music;
  • stickers.

All these elements are in perfect harmony with the experience that the community experiences on the application on a daily basis.

The TikTok BLS measures the effectiveness and results of advertising campaigns on TikTok transparently and based on specific metrics Which can be activated from time to time as required. Marketers and advertisers will be able to choose to measure the following:

  • Gained brand awareness through advertising campaigns on TikTok;
  • The attitude and favor they have guaranteed towards the brand etc.

In all cases, it will be a question of obtaining reliable and strategic information, which will make it possible to take stock “in progress” and split your advertising investments and reallocate them into campaigns and high-impact initiatives.

better marketing campaign

Brands partnering with TikTok like Pepsi with their digital campaign on TikTok can use this new tool to rigorously experiment with their marketing campaigns and understand and measure their impact. Thanks to this solution, they will be able to better analyze the knowledge, attitude, side and intention of the users.

Business partners can use Tiktok BLS for large scale audience research. The solution is also available in several countries, such as the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Japan and Brazil.

Source: TikTok

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