Want to get started on TikTok? Use the platform to improve your marketing strategy? Become a “TikTok Expert”? The company has launched its new apprenticeship program…

TikTok launches Creative Agency Partnership University (CAP University)

Given the speed at which social networks are evolving, traditional marketing strategies are no longer as effective as they used to be. And with the constant change and a huge number of users across different platforms, especially on TikTok, it can be difficult to find the right approach to success.

That’s why Tiktok is launching Creative Agency Partnership University (CAP University)A new learning program for agencies and independent content creators to maximize their marketing strategies on the platform.

This fully personalized virtual educational program from TikTok allows participants to:

  • Choose the courses they want to take;
  • Define their schedule;
  • Attend the session during office hours.

According to TikTok:

“CAP University aims to inspire next-level creative content on the world’s fastest growing entertainment platform. (…) Most importantly, registrants have a new understanding of the creative possibilities inside and outside the platform”,

Program divided into 5 sessions

For the first semester, the program is divided into 5 sessions:

  • tik tok 101. This session presents basic statistics and data that all agencies should know in order to refer their clients;
  • TikTok: From briefing to pitch. This session explains how to brainstorm and communicate ideas specifically designed for the platform, which requires a different strategy than other marketing channels. ,
  • Design and manufacture for TikTok. This section shows the trends, patterns and learnings of the previous year. It summarizes TikTok’s best practices to inform design and construction based on its core principles. ,
  • Trends and Music License. This section reveals the anatomy of a instinct, explains how to spot these tendencies and how to respond to them with agility. As TikTok positions itself as a player in the music industry, this session also provides answers to frequently asked questions about music licensing;
  • Collaborate with creators. Creators are the cornerstone of the stage. This section teaches the basics of working with creators and highlights its core tool: the TikTok Creator Marketplace.

A great way to develop your skills on TikTok

There are two interesting aspects to this new TikTok initiative:

  • It helps to train content creators, which in turn will open doors for agencies, companies and marketers that will allow them to be in a better position with respect to content;
  • This is a smart way to respond to the progress in meta to promote short videos and thus attract more and more creators who monetize their content.

Classes will be presented as live webinars, so attendees can learn from anywhere. They also have the option to register for live sessions during business hours. And during these sessions, it is possible to ask personal questions about the platform, your agency’s strategies, trends, and more. Or at other points that you do not control.

With direct input from the platform’s creative team, this new educational program can be a great way to develop your skills on TikTok.

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source: tik tok