TikTok goes even further with these new features!

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TikTok has announced several new features to support the live format and help users enjoy live content on the platform.

live broadcast of events

Several new features have put TikTok at par with other live video platforms. For example, it now allows you to schedule a stream thanks to LIVE Events to which viewers can subscribe and receive notifications. Creators will also be able to add a countdown timer to regular TikTok videos in the form of stickers to help promote their upcoming feeds.

trainer training

picture in Picture

ALSO NEW: Picture-in-picture. This essential tool for Community Manager in 2021 allows users to watch TikTok live streams while opening another application at the same time. TikTok supports picture-in-picture mode of iOS and Android, so you can continue to watch live broadcast of TikTok even when you are not in the app.

Coming soon, Top Live makes it easy for users to find and tune in to live videos from the For You and Following pages.

a moderator to manage life

To help focus on entertainment and community engagement, hosts can now also designate a moderator before a live stream, to help them better manage their streams. During live, hosts and moderators can block and manage certain users to better control the flow.

keyword filter

To help protect the community, TikTok has also introduced keyword filters. To limit these comments in chat, hosts can disable comments or add a maximum of 200 words to the keyword filter. Words can be added to the list during the live broadcast by the host and moderator.

Still in testing in the UK, these TikTok live streaming features are still relatively new, especially compared to industry mainstays like YouTube or Instagram. But the new features introduced in late July should help the social video platform better compete in the future.

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