This new feature of YouTube makes videos more manageable and accessible

YouTube has added a new playback feature to its web player and mobile apps. You will now be able to identify the most replayed parts of the video you are watching. how it works ?

A new activity graph for all videos

Previously, this feature was available to beta testers who subscribed to YouTube Premium and could access it from Now, YouTube highlights the “most played” parts of videos in its web player and mobile application for all YouTube users, free and premium across all platforms: Android iOS and Desktop.

It’s just a new activity graph for all the videos. It highlights the most engaged moments in each download, compared to a sequence where users replay segments.

According to YouTube:

“Peaks in the graph indicate which parts of the video have been viewed the most, and the graph will only appear when the user starts searching. We have found in our experiences that viewers love this feature, 85% of users are liking the option. ,

As you can see, users will be able to find the most relevant sections of each YouTube video through the graph.

This subtle gray graphic is displayed when users browse a video through the red playback progress bar. If the graph is high, that part of the video has been played over and over. The video thumbnail that appears also indicates when you’ve reached the “Most Played” segment.

Tutorials, tutorials and any video that is long or slow to get to the point is the primary content. From the creators side, there are questions about whether this could affect watch times, as users now have a new way to browse and discover specific elements of each video.

However, so far this video graph has not reduced the viewing time during the test phase launched by YouTube.

YouTube launches new features at the same time

YouTube is announcing this feature as part of a set of updates that basically work to break down longer videos into more manageable and accessible parts.

Whether they are new or not, these functionalities allow the Loop Tool, which was launched last year, but which was not officially announced. Single Loop, for example, allows users to keep an individual video on endless repetition. This can be accessed through options in the same menu to adjust video quality and activate subtitles.

In full screen mode a new panel displays information about the video (details, chapters, comments). Quick action buttons are available to like, dislike, comment, share or add videos to playlist directly from full screen mode.

These options work with YouTube’s “Chapters” feature, so creators can break up videos into pieces. An upcoming test has also been announced for premium subscribers so they can “find the exact moment in the video you want to watch”.

YouTube has established itself as the benchmark for long format video on the web. It is therefore interesting to see new features introduced and updated to optimize its video marketing strategy.

Source: YouTube

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