This is the (real) life of a copywriter

How to find your first customer without experience? What’s my best advice for making progress in sales , How much tax do I pay? How to become a copywriter to trainer? Guest question mystery. All that… These are the questions that were asked to me a few days back. guess what?

I decided to hook up my camera…

To sit on my couch…

Then answer everything – without wildcards or filters,

In this video, I’ve selected 15 questions I found interesting that will teach you more about business, about selling, and about my personal life as a copywriter.

How did I get my first real copywriting client?

And what shall I do again today?

What were the biggest obstacles to overcome?

Will I get married and have children?

We will answer everything and take our time.

The first question comes to us from Pierreic: “As a freelance copywriter, might it be wise to nest in the e-commerce industry? »

The short answer is yes, and the slightly longer answer is that as long as you can bring something to your customer, and you know you can increase his sales and he will understand this, that he understands the power of copywriting and He understands the power of hiring you, in fact you can target people in infopreneur and then e-commerce.

Second question from Guillaume: “If you could teach copywriting with only one piece of advice, what would it be? »

For me, the most important thing to do as a copywriter is simply to understand your prospect. If I were you, one of the most straightforward things I would do to progress in copywriting is to understand your market as much as possible.

You have to fully understand their problems, their desires, what they are really doing, what they want to achieve. You really need to immerse yourself in the market. This way you will not only create the best solution that will best help them, but will also give you more money.

And if you’re a freelance copywriter, you immerse yourself in the market for your clients, and you’ll be a hit.

The next question is from Fred: “Despite all these travels, and the prospect of working everywhere, do you still consider keeping home? Do you still enjoy your neighborhood and at home with your friends? Appreciate having space? Or for you, your best life is being able to travel everywhere without ties? I’m interested in this because even though I love financial freedom, geographic freedom doesn’t interest me as much. He likes what surrounds me. »

It’s true that when you travel a lot, when you have the opportunity to do an activity like I can (copywriter, trainer…), and there’s no geographic connection, staying home can be complicated. . On the go, with new things happening, we can probably question a lot of things, and eventually ask ourselves where we really came from.

Personally, this is not the question I ask myself…

Learn more in this video, where you will learn about the real life of a copywriter, the way they think and write, their ups and downs…

This is made for you only if you have always thought about this job, Or even if you are very interested and want to know more about me.

let’s go !

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