this is the matter! Instagram’s “Community Shopping” Available in France

The new “community shopping” feature launched by Instagram is now available in France, but also in the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. It allows you to showcase products from your community’s content in your Instagram store…

Authentic new functionality!

More authentic… that’s the word! Instagram is launching Community Shopping, a facility to promote your products in your Instagram store. You can add content created by community members as additional information on pages dedicated to your products.

Since its launch in the United States, Community Shopping has received positive reviews from companies who say the new feature has improved the Instagram shopping experience and strengthened their relationships with their customers. This feature was launched in France, UK, Italy and Spain in May 2021.

Community Content is also democratizing access to authentic user-generated content, enabling businesses of all sizes to profit by motivating customers and driving sales.

If businesses have a habit of using their own content to promote their products, this may change. Community shopping allows content created by members of a brand’s community to be used to supplement information on one of its products.

The Community Shopping feature allows businesses to add content created by Instagram users directly to their Instagram stores. To use the feature, businesses use the “Request feature in store” button to ask creators, whether they can use their own image, which tags the company’s Instagram name in posts to their Instagram stores. .

This innovation comes to life from content posted by fans of a brand, if they decide to tag it in their posts. To take advantage of this, all you have to do is ask people who have tagged a product in one of their publications, authorization to use it if it is eligible. If possible, you can associate it with a related product in its catalogue.

Instagram Shopping, the holy grail of social media marketing

About 80% of users visit at least one business profile every day. And that’s understandable too, because there are already 25 million business profiles on Instagram. The truth is that Instagram is one of the leading platforms for visual storytelling. It is one of the best places to market your brand online, reach a wide target audience, gain a loyal following, and build a growing community of engaged fans around your brand.

As a reminder, Instagram Shopping helps online brands master the final stage of the sales funnel. It allows brands to present their products on publications and stories. Plus, as in a digital storefront, prospects can explore and experience a wide variety of products. By tapping on a product tag on a post or on a product sticker in a story, they are taken to a product detail page, where they can find additional information such as price and product details.

Instagram has released this feature to improve the relationship between brands and their customers. But it is also the right way to improve the collaboration of more companies with this platform.

Over the years, Instagram has evolved from a photo-sharing app to a platform where online businesses can market their products. But now it offers a number of essential features that allow brands to sell directly to Instagram users. In fact, brands are realizing how Instagram is one of the best places to grow their revenue, especially those that target audiences under the age of 35.

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