this is the matter! Clubhouse allows you to monetize your voice broadcasts!

Clubhouse announced a new Creator First accelerator program that provides financial support and expertise to a group of 20 creators. his goal ? Help them build their audience and finally, monetize their content as Instagram recently proposed…

Build Your Audience on the Clubhouse

To celebrate its first birthday on March 17th, its co-founder Paul Davison told the app’s weekly meeting that the company would support selected creators by sending them content (if needed), helping them with developing concepts, and connecting them with relevant content. Will do Brands for sponsorship opportunities.

Paul Davison also said that Clubhouse will ensure that those selected for the program receive at least $5,000 in monthly income.

Clubhouse stands out and ahead of its competitors

In just one year of existence, many similar voice applications have been seen or trying to emerge such as Twitter Spaces which was announced late last year and launched next April, or Facebook to come. Similar voice application.

To stand out and stay ahead of its competitors, the app worth $1 billion has also added some features requested by users:

  • Link Sharing: Users can now share a link to their profile or club;
  • Language Filtering: Clubhouse has improved its room recommendations based on the language you typically listen to;
  • Invitation via phone number: Users can now invite others by manually entering their phone number.

To register for Creators First Clubhouse, click here.

Clubhouse: Conversation as a new model of digital communication?

Right now, Clubhouse seems to be a promising way to network and build an online community, and its social audio format is already being adopted by competitors. With all of its new features, Clubhouse utilizes a concept we easily overlook in the online world, but that is impossible to ignore in the real world: authentic conversation. This is the key to developing your connections.

The voice as a medium of content is reassuring. It’s familiar, it’s convenient, and it’s conversational by default. It feels more human than photos and text, and is smoother and more relaxed than video. By creating a voice-only platform, a whole new style of digital communication has emerged: the conversational style.

Clubhouse influencers in particular can grow their social platform by connecting on the app., Brands can work with influencers behind the scenes, or business executives can pose as leaders to offer advice, answer questions, and facilitate discussion.

Clubhouse should not be an e-commerce space, but a community of discovery and knowledge. For better capitalization, companies or managers should not directly promote their products or services. Instead, having a natural conversation about something their brand does can be a great way to engage with potential customers organically. Brands can also help build community by adding valuable suggestions to discussion forums.

Whether you’re reinventing yourself as a thought leader or leveraging existing brand partnerships, using Clubhouse for Digital Marketing can help you connect with your audience on a deeper, more personal level.

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