this guy is 100x better than other youtubers

Imagine… you launch a YouTube personal development channel, and 1 year later, you’re better known jointly of David LaRoche and Tony Robbins. Impossible, isn’t it?

There are thousands of personal development videos on YouTube.

Your opponents have been around for decades.

You don’t have the budget to compete.

However, this incredible growth is in line with the hero of our time: Dream. is of

In 1 year, he has become n ° 1 in his market, while he plays in a highly competitive niche: Minecraft (there are thousands of minecraft YouTubers, this is 10 times more than in personal development).

Seriously, how did the man do this?

Well, he’s following YouTube’s algorithm the wrong way.

To be precise, he releases 40 minute videos that are so addicting that you want to watch them till the end.

I’m not kidding, watch this video:

He had 85 million views. This is more than the number of residents of France.

but then…

How does Dream systematically maintain our attention for 40 minutes?

This is what I have explained in detail in my new video.

You will also know…

  • train metaphor Which explains how to be successful on YouTube (it’s not just a matter of luck);
  • the trend jacking method that allowed them to several million views … when it only had 1000 customers;
  • The Principle That Dream Uses All His videos prompt us to pause for 50 minutes;
  • The Element That Makes the Movie “Teeth of the Sea” captivating (Steven Spielberg discovered it by chance);
  • same thing Which interests our mind (Most Youtubers make boring videos because they don’t understand it).

Click here to view

watch the video once

Now you know how Sapna keeps our attention for 40 minutes!

But the worry is I am not going to tell you how to adapt it to the online training business.

And, you know it just like I do, theory is good, practice is better (that’s why the best athletes are the ones who practice every day).

But, don’t worry, I’ve got it all planned out! (On the other hand, you won’t understand anything I’m saying if you haven’t seen my video).

For you, here’s a small bonus in which I explain how to apply what we’ve seen to your online training business (don’t thank me, it’s offered by home).

In fact, it’s quite silly.

Simply turn the hero (dream) into your target prospect.

And the villain that Sapna faces becomes the same problem that your prospect faces.

So in your video, the protagonist (your prospect) has to fight his problem (the villain) to overcome it.

If we take the 3 points seen in the video, we have:

  1. Face a mighty villain;
  2. give a clear stake;
  3. Create a painful reference.

Here’s How to Optimize It for Your Videos

  1. Face a mighty villain → Face a tough problem
  2. give a clear stake → give problem
  3. Create a Painful Context → Describe the Consequences of the Problem

Let me explain point by point.

1 – face a difficult problem

The word “DUR” is an acronym that comes from this video by Stan LeLoop.

If your problem is “hard” then it will matter to your audience, and your target prospect will be forced to stick to the solution.

Here’s what DUR stands for (I know you’re looking forward to it!)

First D for “Painful”.

Your problem should hurt your target prospect.

I assure you, nothing to do with sadomasochism.

You need to choose a problem that causes physical or mental pain.

Of course, online training often solves mental pain.

Here are 3 examples:

  • “I don’t have a girlfriend”, it’s painful because you have a sense of loneliness and this loss of self-confidence;
  • “I don’t like my body”, it’s painful because we suffer from the judgment of others, and we can’t love ourselves;
  • “I don’t know how to play the guitar”, is a painful problem, but not for everyone! This problem will be painful if the person believes, for example, that guitar is the only way to date girls.

Ask yourself “Is my problem painful for the person I’m talking to”.

Because, as you will understand, a problem can be painful for a particular person, but not for another.

Then u, for immediate.

Man is a natural procrastinator.

If we don’t see a need to solve a problem right now, we won’t.

I am sure you have used cracked screen phone before. Why ? Because this problem was not urgent. You can live with it, no problem.

On the other hand, if the internet is turned off, survival mode is activated!

In short, ask yourself “Is this problem urgent for my prospect? Or can he live with it”.

and finally, r for recognized,

It is destructive.

If your prospect doesn’t know about their problem, they won’t do the research to solve it.

Yes, your prospect may have a painful and urgent problem, and you know it.

But if he is unaware of his problem then it will be very difficult for you to convince him.

It’s a bit like a conspirator. Yes you know the earth is round, yes you know he is wrong, but in spite of everything, you won’t be able to make him change his mind (easily).

So, friend advice, always make sure your problem is acknowledged by your prospect.

That’s it, your ideal has become the villain.

Let’s move on to step 2.

2 – give problem

Well, you don’t need to do Science Po to understand this point.

In the first 30 seconds of your video, describe your potential customer’s problem in as much detail as possible.

Then tell him how you are going to solve it in this video.

That’s all.

No more complicated, no simpler.

Describe their problem, and say that you will solve it.

We go to step 3 (we don’t waste time here, because time is money!)

3 – give negative result

This step serves to give importance to the problem.

Even if a problem is painful, urgent and recognized, sometimes it can be difficult to get it to the person in front of us in 30 seconds.

So how do you do it?

Describe the negative consequences of the problem to your prospect.

If your problem is “I don’t have a girlfriend”, tell her about the movie “40 Years Old Still a Virgin”.

If your problem is, “I don’t like my body,” then imagine it as its future.

A sad future, lying on a hospital bed at the age of 35, as he did not take care of his health (health first and foremost!)

If your problem is, “I don’t know how to play the guitar,” show him a video of a cool guitarist on stage with all the girls on their feet, and tell him if that’s what he wants to be. This guitarist, he has to move his buttocks.

In short, talk about negative consequences.

With that, it’s easy, your problem will become “charismatic” (like in my video where I explain why Dream makes his friends more awesome in Darth Vader likeness).

And the good thing is, no one wants to know the outcome of the final showdown between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker (you know, the famous “I’m your dad,” and all and all).

Same when you talk about the problem of probability.

If you give it enough importance, the person will want to stick around to know how to solve it.

But if you talk about it quickly, yours will likely fade away.

it’s magic. Well, no, it’s more of psychology.

The method I just named you a more famous copywriter: the PAS formula

This method is considered by many big names in marketing to be by far the most effective in converting your visitors into buyers.

Want to delve deeper into this jewel of persuasion?

So read this article where I explain in detail how this formula works.

You’ll also have real-life examples of how Marketing Mania, David LaRoche, and Gary V use this formula (and people have businesses that make millions of dollars a year).

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