This cool ad campaign reminds you how “shiny” your passwords are

Be honest, most of your passwords are “crazy”! Swedish agency Akestam Holst on behalf of cyber security company SSF made this clear in an advertising campaign in the context of information security. Know what interesting and witty campaign SSF did with this thorny topic…

An external marketing campaign that strikes…

There is a lot of talk about computer security and cybercrime, especially in relation to abusive access to sensitive user data, through hacking of applications, profiles, etc. However, most of the time, it’s even a little bit of our fault! In fact, our habit of using insecure and outdated passwords puts us at great risk.

To raise awareness of the issue, Swedish agency Akstum Holst on behalf of cyber security firm SSF, an organization that helps prevent fraud and online crime, is creating a buzz. She’s launched an impressive outdoor viral marketing campaign: “Your password is bullshit.”

Yes, literally “nonsense”. In fact, the term is the 16th most used internet password in Sweden by its users.

The billboards created by Akstum Holst for SSF are based on data from a list of the most common passwords in Sweden, including: “shit”, “f***ing”, “ca**o” and “mom”. First, among the top 25 most used passwords in Sweden, we have “123456”.

And that’s how the agency turned the idea into a fun and provocative copy, with the captions “damn it’s ugly”, “dick’s not hard enough” and the infamous “your password is bullshit”.

… full of humor, but well thought out!

To get attention, SSF has come up with sentimental marketing that literally describes how bad these password choices can be and must admit that they do so with a good touch of humour.

The advertising campaign was developed on billboards and printed paper throughout Sweden. Here are some examples:

Humor helps go viral

Whatever your brand, it works wonders to evoke emotion in your audience. Everyone loves to laugh, and prospects are more likely to share a video or picture that they find funny.

Actually, humor:

  • to attract attention. Humor is often different from other marketing and advertising strategies because it is inherently original and effective;
  • Encourages Sharing: People love to laugh. Making your marketing campaign humorous is sure to create buzz;
  • Make your brand trustworthy and more human: Fun brands are more accessible;
  • Linked to a higher memorization: Any message filled with humor will be easier for your target to remember.

Remember: Humor sells! So incorporate humor into your marketing strategy to go viral.

Have you decided to put the humor into practice? Although it sounds like a very simple matter, there is a fine line between an effective prank that will attract your target and a bad prank that will, on the contrary, scare off potential customers.

To keep it from getting worse and continue to develop an effective marketing strategy, consider the following:

  • Identify what’s funny;
  • Avoid controversial topics;
  • Remember that good humor is natural humor: No one likes artificial sentences. It is the same with humour;
  • Stay close to possibilities.

Customers love to entertain. Thus having fun in your marketing campaign will make the prospect both happy and aware of your brand.

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