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Expected every year with impatience and enthusiasm, black Friday The culture and consumption habits in France now seem well integrated. From the United States, Black Friday is celebrated the day after “giving thanks”, and marks the end of the year’s shopping period. sometimes, a sharp drop in prices In physical stores or online, and many people are taking advantage of this to equip themselves and stock up on low cost…

what is the date Black Friday in France What’s in store for us in 2021 and in this edition? We talk about this question through this article, so that you can prepare yourself to make the best out of it.

Prepare for Black Friday 2021

In France, Black Friday is about to be held November 26, 2021, It promises to be a sales day in many businesses. Some brands have already started pre-Black Friday deals on various gear and gadgets. But how to prepare effectively for it live your best black friday in 2021? For this purpose certain aspects should be kept in mind.

beware of overconsumption

It is well known that brands make up a major part of their annual turnover on Black Friday. In countries like the United States, accounts usually turn red due to purchases the day after Black Friday. billions of dollars,

So this is a time when it is easy to explode your budget and arm yourself with multiple purchases that are not always necessary, to those who want to take advantage of all the opportunities. Hence it is recommended that you make a list of your actual needs well in advance to avoid getting bogged down in compulsive shopping trap,

It is also useful to impose a budget limit on yourself that should not be exceeded. To help you with this discipline, avoid paying with a credit card in store. Instead, take out the amount you plan to spend from an envelope and pay cash for your purchases.

Learn about prices excluding promotions

black friday shopping Hope to prepare well in advance. If, like many people, you only go to the store on the big day, you won’t necessarily get the best deals and we’ll explain why.

Some unscrupulous merchants display promotional prices that are not actually promotional prices, trying to gain a psychological upper hand over consumers. fantasy cross prices, In fact, the promotional price displayed does not really differ from the price usually charged. The customer gets carried away by the excitement of the day and who sees a crossed price and a large percentage reduction, imagines grabbing a good deal, but is foolish.

To ensure good deals on black friday And to buy with a substantial discount, you need to know at least the off-promotion prices for the products, gadgets, and devices you’re interested in. It is also recommended to compare prices from one site to another to be sure to buy at the best price.

Black Friday 2021 Tips

Knowing the good deals will enable you to score good deals on the occasion of Black Friday 2021. And for that, you have to monitor this trend enough. In fact, more and more brands are opting for what’s called “Black Friday Week” and start promotions early in the week.

knowing that best suggestion Don’t be available for too long, you should be especially attentive to know how to take advantage of the best opportunities for the purchase you plan to make. Plus, you’ll find all the information about the upcoming Black Friday right here so that you can make the most of it.

Usually, the products that are particularly popular on the occasion of Black Friday and on which you can get significant discounts are especially Hi-Tech Products & Geek Toys ,

  • laptop;
  • smartphones;
  • connected watches;
  • game console, etc.

Also, toys and other purchases for the end of the year celebrations are also very popular on the occasion of Black Friday. Indeed, Crito revealed 600% increase for toys On the occasion of Black Friday 2020. This said, the fashion and beauty sectors are not far behind, with a 100 to 150% increase in purchases in the period from November 27 to December 4, 2020.

What does Black Friday 2021 have in store for us?

One thing is certain: Black Friday will be accompanied by a lot of really cool deals. Some stores like Amazon, Fnac, Cdiscount, Darty, Rue du Commerce etc. Getting ready to woo customers once again Huge discount on many products, However, it is in favor of e-commerce that the business promises to be the prettiest.

Already during Black Friday 2020 and as per Crito’s observation, e-commerce allowed merchants during the second confinement Offset 25 to 50% of their business, That trend should be bucked even further this year, while questions surrounding the vaccine and health passes still divide many French people.

Furthermore, instead of negatively affecting the actual Black Friday offer, the pre-Black Friday offer should also promote it. These offers prepare French for huge crowds in physical and online stores for year-end purchases on November 26.

Shopping on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday?

That’s the question everyone asks when we look at the figures for last Black Friday in the United States. Indeed, Americans spent $10.8 billion on Cyber ​​Monday alone in 2020 For just $9 billion on Black Friday, according to Adobe’s figures. These figures are explained by the fact that many buyers prefer to wait till the last day to take advantage of the best prices.

This strategy holds good, as many brands that haven’t managed to sell their stock on Black Friday will bet heavily on Cyber ​​Monday with even more lucrative cuts. This trend can also be seen in France. However, it is a risky strategy.

Firstly, not all brands do this and brands offering additional deductions do so only if they have not managed to sell their stock. If you can get a great deal in the meantime Cyber ​​MondayThere are chances of missing out on reputed products if they run out of stock.

It is therefore recommended that the situation be thoroughly analyzed, pros and cons weighed, so that an informed decision can be taken at the end. It can be a good compromise on Black Friday to buy products you absolutely need and can’t afford to miss, even if it means waiting until Cyber ​​Monday for additional purchases.

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