Their immense potential in marketing (+ examples of marketing campaigns)

Marketers are now taking the metaverse very seriously for greater visibility and legitimacy. Hyundai and Van’s partnership with Roblox is proof of that…

Metaverse, the natural successor to the mobile Internet

Metaverse, do you know? The term refers to the shared virtual space that connects the offline and online worlds, in which multiplayer games such as Roblox and Fortnite are cited very often.

The concept has been around for years, but Epidemiology’s focus on hybrid experiments has given it greater visibility and validity. Mark Zuckerberg has also promised to rebrand Facebook as a “Metaverse business”, believing that the Metaverse is the natural successor to the mobile Internet.

But for now, platforms like Roblox are an important testing ground in marketing to better take advantage of consumers.

Roblox’s Potential for Marketers

Still relatively unknown to the general public, Roblox is still worth US$50 billion in the stock market and affects 150 million players each month, most of whom are pre-teens (source: News). The gaming platform is not a traditional video game publisher – instead, it provides authoring tools for users to create their own games to share with friends online.

For marketers, this free-form approach has enormous potential as it allows user experiences to be tailored for a variety of purposes. Vans and Hyundai, for example, are among the companies that have capitalized on the popularity of Roblox recently.

Roblox and Brand: Example of Vans and Hyundai

Vans worked with developers from the Roblox the Gang Stockholm community at the “Vans World” skatepark. It’s an online site where Roblox players can come together to practice tricks and try out virtual gear, including four customizable shoe silhouettes.

Both efforts show how established marketers are increasingly turning to “metaverses” to engage younger consumers who are far from mainstream media. This is the brand’s first attempt at marketing in the metaverse.

For its part, Hyundai is introducing a first-of-its-kind Roblox activation from a global automaker: the “Hyundai Mobility Adventure”. The shared virtual space, which includes five theme parks – from a racetrack to a “cutting-edge metropolis” and a technology research center – will launch next October after beta testing. It showcases the company’s future mobility products, such as the Nexo hydrogen fuel cell crossover vehicle and the Ioniq 5 all-electric SUV.

Hyundai aims to introduce these offerings to young consumers with the hope of building lasting customer relationships. The brand is also staggering the rollout, taking into account the feedback from the players and experimenting with new ideas.

In addition to Vans and Hyundai, Roblox has already piqued the interest of many marketers such as Nike, Disney, Warner Bros or Gucci. For example, Roblox and Warner Bros. Movie Studio have created a virtual interpretation of New York’s Washington Heights neighborhood that serves as the setting for their new musical “In the Heights.”

For its part, Gucci has shown that Roblox can have direct response marketing opportunities as well. Last month, the luxury fashion company hosted the “Gucci Garden Experience,” where gamers could try and then buy some products.

Thus Roblox provides a unique and unusual interactive experience where any brand can create any shared experience in an accessible way. These experiences can be an interesting lever for engagement and lead to more effective content.

Source: Hyundainews, Businesswire, Digiday

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