The three cities that recruit the most community managers

The community manager profession was born with the advent of digital and social networks. Which three cities are hiring the most community managers?

Community management is an act that involves leading and federated communities on the Internet on behalf of a company, brand, celebrity, organization or local authority. Thus this professional becomes the spokesperson of the brand or company on the internet. Its work involves building and managing a community upstream. He recruits her and animates her by hiring her. It is precisely this commitment that is at the heart of his concerns and from it flows the entire dimension of his work.

Indeed, the community manager intervenes exclusively on social networks, but not only. In recent years, its role has evolved significantly. However, the profile of their role may vary, from managing promotional campaigns to after-sales service missions on the Internet. The heart of the profession lies in the interaction and exchange with Internet users (animation, moderation). For this Community Manager mainly uses social networks like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, Quora and others.

In addition, the Community Manager no longer only performs community animation, he or she implements a set of functions to accomplish very specific webmarketing objectives, such as increasing engagement. The word community manager is included in Petit Larousse 2016, confirming the use of this anglicism in the French language. This profession, deeply linked to the development of Web 2.0 and social networks, continues to grow today.

What is involved in his work?

Community management is a process that has become essential for most companies, as it allows them to adopt a sound strategy for their social media marketing. The task is to unite as many Internet users as possible through forums and social networks.

Web’s expert, community manager is on permanent watch to manage the image of his client or his company on the net and bring the brand closer to the consumer. To do this, he animates forums, posts videos, feeds Facebook pages, or answers questions asked on the company’s website. It should be responsible for preventing negative comments from appearing and also be constructive to differentiate itself from competitors. Being always connected, he is comfortable with the internet world.

What are its missions?

The Community Manager’s missions are primarily to:

  • Development of a communication strategy regarding goals, overall objectives and measurement feedback;
  • Creation of editorial content (blogs, product sheets, infographics, etc.) and events with its community (contests, meetings, promotions, etc.);
  • Programming of sponsorship campaigns and advertising campaigns (targeting, budget management, etc.) and publication of statistical reports on the results achieved;
  • Monitor your field of activity through competition studies and moderation of communities: comments, live messages, insightful information (hourly updates, contacts).

where does he work?

A community manager can work for a personality (celebrity, athlete, politician…), a company, an association, a brand, and more. It should be noted that the terms of the contract are very diverse. In fact, the community manager can work on the one hand freelance, that is, on his own account, usually under the status of an auto-entrepreneur. On the other hand, he can exercise his profession in a web agency or a company specializing in digital communication.

Cities Recruiting the Most Community Managers


Here are some of the benefits of working in Paris:

  • Unemployment is lower than in the rest of France

The unemployment rate in the French capital is around 8.4%, that is, slightly lower than the national average. France is a country centered on its capital, making it a privileged place to find jobs. Overall, Paris accounts for over 31% of the national GDP. In addition, most French companies are headquartered in Paris.

  • a higher minimum wage

Paris is the second most expensive city in the world after Singapore, which means living there can be expensive, if not terribly expensive.

Of course, this increase in standard of living goes along with a net increase in the minimum wage, which is approximately €1,500 per month. Furthermore, with the proliferation of large corporations, headquarters, and start-ups, the median salary is $1,886 per month.

  • ideal city for youth

Paris is a city that is constantly on the move and this will allow everyone to find activities of their choice be it a collection of plays, stand-up shows, bars, concerts or even nightclubs . Clearly, it is a metropolis full of all kinds of culture and activities.

It should be noted that there are 75,000 community manager job offers available in Paris.


Some of the benefits of working in Lyon (link: https://cabinet-godiveau.fr/bilan-de-competences-lyon/):

  • 15,900 private jobs were created (it is the largest job-generating sector, ahead of Bordeaux, Marseille and Toulouse);
  • unemployment rate below the national average;
  • Average salary of around 2000€.

There are currently 69,000 Community Manager Jobs available in Lyon.


The city of Marseille is redeploying its wings to usher in a new era, one that has been put under the sign of innovation, urban planning, connection and rap. A unique cocktail that could make it the ideal city of the future. In addition, there are 13,000 community manager job offers available in Marseille.

Apart from Paris, Lyon and Marseille, departments that have a strong presence of community managers are the Rhne (4.8%), Loire-Atlantique (4.5%), Gironde (3.8%), Nord (3.4%) and Ile-et- Villain (3.1%). The community manager is a permanent employee in 59% of cases. Apprenticeships and work-study trainees represent 13% and 15% are self-employed (independent or auto-entrepreneur status).

52% practice their profession in a private company. 20% work in agencies and 20% in the public sector. Two out of three employees (67%) and ETIs in VSEs/SMEs account for more than 25% of the respondents. Large companies are the least represented, with only 7% of community managers.

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