The Secret Weapon of Innovative Marketers!

VMS® allows you to leave a pre-recorded voice message on your contacts’ answering machine without their mobile phone ringing.

Perfectly customized to strengthen your relationships with your customers, VMS® (Voice Message Service) better known as voice mailing, is a direct marketing solution that is as powerful as it is discreet.
Created and patented by Néocom Multimedia, VMS® personalizes and strengthens customer relationships. Your customers will feel recognized.

To give you every chance of success, here are some tips for a successful VMS® campaign.

1: A simple and natural message

The use of voice in your communication is a basic approach that allows you to humanize your interactions with your customers. Indeed, what could be more impersonal than e-mail? Voice connects you to your customers in a way that inspires a personal interaction. With a removal rate of around 97%,Your message will be heard widely and your customers will feel valued.

Hence the importance of recording a message completely customized to your goal. The message should be as natural as leaving a personal message on your customer’s answering machine. Therefore, your voice message should be short, audible and natural for the recipient. The information communicated should be simple and unique.

Last thing, don’t forget to save your message relaxed atmosphereThere’s nothing more unpleasant than hearing a voice message with a firefighter siren in the background… we’re exaggerating but you get the idea!

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2: Use VMS® Wisely

VMS® is A great way to build customer loyalty, The use of voice comes to convey this relationship, which allows you to build a privileged link with your customer. Used wisely, the VMS® becomes a thoughtful yet powerful weapon To differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Here are some examples of VMS® usage:

  • Follow up with your customers/prospects
  • invite your customers to an event,
  • communicate on promotion,
  • Thanks to our customers for their visit…

The important thing is not to abuse it at any time, and to integrate it into a multi-channel communication strategy.

3: Maximize your results with a single SMS

In fact, for optimal communication, VMS® should not be your exclusive channel. we recommend you Incorporate it into an overall communication strategy, Combining it with other means of communication will enhance your message, and is the ideal complementary medium for SMS, For example, you want to invite your customers to a special event, VMS® will allow you to reach your customers in a very personal way and trigger return action for about 1/3 of them, To follow up with people who were unable to respond directly to you at the time, use SMS a few days later for a quick reminder, while avoiding redundancies. And your campaign has even more impact. On the platform, you can manage your campaign and your returns from a single interface!

4: Import a customized contact list

Our final advice pertains to building your contact list. Before broadcasting your message, it is Important to properly segment your goal, and so on to optimize this list of mobile numbers. To get maximum returns, you need to make sure that the people who will receive your VMS® are the right people., Personalization of your message allows you to touch the heart of your targetTo make our customers feel privileged. This is why a customized contact list is essential for a successful VMS campaign.

You now have all the keys to a successful VMS® campaign!

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Need details? The entire Néocom multimedia team, the company that created VMS®, will be happy to guide you and answer all your questions.

They can be contacted by e-mail or on the phone 01 77 57 20 20,

Article written in association with Necom Multimedia

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