The platform to build your digital marketing campaign?

More and more advertisers from all walks of life don’t hesitate to build their digital marketing campaign through Pinterest. For example, has launched a “Trends” badge campaign based on results from Pinterest Predicts, Pinterest’s 2021 prediction report, and more.

Pinterest, the perfect platform to inspire users

Every month, more than 450 million users around the world use Pinterest to find inspiration and find ideas and solutions for their projects. The platform is also an excellent source of predictive information about user interests, with 8 out of 10 predictions coming true in 2020. It also explains why the use of the “Trends” badge has increased by 85% in one year.

As Pinterest points out, “Pinterest Predictions isn’t your typical trend report. It’s a report that just isn’t trendy. A window to the future from the platform where people go to plan it.” The company says this information proves that Pinterest trends grow faster, last longer, and go beyond their competition.

Motivational social platform. It allows users to collect and interact with visual media while helping them find ideas, plan projects, or learn new things. For example, you can use Pinterest to find the latest beauty or home decor trends, plan a holiday or party, set up a home office, or try a new recipe.

Last year, Pinterest added over 100 million new users, leading to a revenue increase of 48%. This highlights the company’s strong growth strategy, a move that should continue to generate profits in the digital advertising market.

Example of, an interior design and interior design e-merchant, has brought its minimalist bedroom makeover project to life with the brand’s products. To reach its audience and digital natives, its campaign was based on the search behavior of Pinterest users. She was inspired by the “successful night” trend on Pinterest to revamp her bedroom and thus offer engaging and relevant content.

To increase their notoriety and grow their business, called on 9 influencers to create useful and inspiring Pins. This influential marketing strategy and the new “trend” badge are part of a massive promotional campaign in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Make the most of Pinterest predictions and trends

If you’re struggling to come up with themes for a content marketing strategy, figuring out what interests your social media audience at different times of the year, or the best time to launch a new product Knowing that, Pinterest Predicts and Pinterest Trends might just give you the ideas and answers you need.

Pinterest Trends, in particular, is a powerful tool to better understand what interests your target market. “It’s another way of social listening and essentially gives you a glimpse into the largely untapped universe of customer data.”

“People turn to Pinterest to find inspiration, save ideas, and plan for the future.” This means that it is a way for marketers to better understand how consumers discover and research products and services around the world. customer journey. “Pinterest Trends Helps Marketers Understand Their Behavior [audience] On this social network, “Aranda continued,” and to show the brand’s content at the right time. ,

“With the tool, you can search for specific terms relevant to your product and see if they are or have been trending in the past 12 months. You can use this information to not only formulate the theme of your campaign, but also to determine the best time of year to start your campaign.

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