The lead magnet is a c*** trap!

Number of articles dealing with the topic of magnets (understand a key resource that can be exchanged for an email address) Wonderful. But, from my point of view as a hardcore email practitioner, most news on this topic is either boring corporatism or irrelevant due to the inexperience of its authors who, like bad teachers, talk a lot without ever really practicing . ,

Knowing this, we can legitimately ask the question, why didn’t you venture into this provocative and objective post for a penny?

An article You Totally Don’t Care draws from line to line through the genre and whose syntax is closer to that of the average CM2 student than Victor Hugo…

So let me ask you the question:

What will you do all this for yourself if you don’t finally insist on finding a different opinion on the subject?

Like a shark attracted by the blood pouring out of the shore of a small wounded sea lion, you took this title as well putative, just to see that there’s no way to put a bit in the comments. ..

and in short,
The answer is probably yes.

Because what you’re looking for (if you’re part of the minority that will go to the end) doesn’t lead in the direction you’re used to hearing on the subject.
And even those who become utterly opposed to common opinion, are still entrenched in our minds in such a way that we no longer even separate it from the truth.

So, without going over the definition of what a magnet is and its role in content strategy (other very few counter-intuitive articles do this very well): let’s break down this truth.

And let’s break down one of the deadliest misconceptions of web marketing:
Lead magnets are not only a good way to grow your business, it’s also quite the opposite!

What most people will tell you about magnet leads

As a good marketer, I know the extent to which, it is often necessary to spice up an article for its success (or at least its visibility). [tu trouveras d’ailleurs un exemple de ça juste derrière ce lien],

In a www where the voice of the mighty crush is the voice of strangers (and no, I don’t have a Che tattoo on my shoulder to make such a point), it’s more necessary than ever to use extra to mark your difference. And “fight” to hear.

This is already the first piece of advice that even modest marketers I can give you if making a little cash on the web is part of your bucket list.

“A lead magnet is like a Bentley hired for a YouTube ad: it only serves to show muscle”

But to come back to our “loving sheep,” this is what you’ll find when browsing the web: (this is the original copy/paste)

“The lead magnet is a formidable weapon for gradually increasing website traffic.”
Let’s assume.

“In Emailing, Your Success Depends On Only One Thing: Your Lead Magnet”
right next to the plate as it should be

“A lead magnet will naturally draw your potential customers to you”
Gogo Gadgeto Lies.

“The lead magnet is used to conquer the world”

“Lead magnets are used to grow your email list”
Yep, I still keep something that holds up…

At this point you understand what most web content sells you:

Magnet is great and it is often the miracle solution to all your web marketing problems.

No traffic to your site?
Your visitors don’t subscribe to your email list?
No one buys your products?

Never mind man: here’s a lead magnet!

what happens in real life

But as you probably already know, if you tried:

The thesis of “Lead Magnet as Miracle Solution” turns out to be lame, even legless for once…

Because as true as quality is infinitely greater than quantity (in marketing for that matter in many other fields), a lead magnet won’t help you sell.

Well because it usually only draws the category you don’t need.

One category you should also carefully avoid if you want to avoid paying too much for your auto-responder and for claiming the results in emails generally.

, I am a marketer not a tour operator., ,

this category?
It belongs to tourists.

There are many people who will run to your prime resource (like sharks on sea lions, you followed me) but who have no intention of buying your products.
Nor now, as even the most conscientious caregivers can tell you,
Nor later, for that matter, because I’m one of the only people to shout it.

Because most of the people you attract to your list with magnets have two things you want to avoid at all costs:

  • they hunt for free, that is, they take away everything that is to be taken as a gift, but leave as soon as you ask them to take away a little;
  • They are only interested in .pdf (or other resource) that you propose to send to them, but not to your email, that causes you to offer the magnet as a reminder (I specify that whenever you write about your customers) want to collect information without ever using them).

Once there you will more or less understand why magnets are of real use if you create dead volume.

Because if you offer cheap products, that you reach a very large population and you have a big budget to push your thing and get massive registrations on your email (which you can use to hold your camera) Will definitely do to sell) then it might work.

Just like the boxing of leaflets by supermarkets is a hit for them,
But won’t work for you.

And to parallelize this while proceeding counter-intuitively:

The presence of a “stop-pub” sticker, and the reversal of the logic described in this article, will improve the performance of this strategy.
This is obviously counterproductive, and you’d have to do a lot of emailing and marketing in general to be able to say it, but it’s obvious (for reasons we don’t have time to elaborate on ideal clients.)

So in short:

The magnet attracts a large percentage of the tourists to your list.
These people don’t want to receive your emails, let alone selling your products to them.
All they want is your resources and supplies.

In other words, you create something that interests people,
And as long as they get it for free (without applying it too often, another feature of the tourist), you only get it back…

I could have ended on that,
But I still want to leave you with a touch of hope.

exception that confirms the rule

Now I have to admit it: We totally can’t get you for the lead magnet pigeon.

I could say I caricatured it a bit, but at this point my goal in reading is achieved (you’ve read it) and apologizing to you will prove to be as ineffective as it is counterproductive…

It would be more helpful for you to present the only magnet strategy that has proven effective in most of the tests I’ve been given (for my businesses to my clients whose marketing I manage).

“If you need a magnet to get people interested in your email, you’ve got a problem!” ,

this strategy?
This involves presenting the resource in the same format that you intend to send to your prospect to sell (in the sense that you want the term).

Here’s why this sentence is not clarified well, I admit it:
If you want to get people to your mailing list, it’s in your best interest to offer a resource in email format.
This is not the strategy that will get you the most customers, obviously.
But this already constitutes a holy shield against tourists, in the sense that your resource is only sexy if the prospect doesn’t follow your final format (here: email).

I have several examples on my site if you want to see what he gives concretely:
Google >>> New Marketing >>> Free Training

I provide training in the form of email daily.
Just to get your audience used to “the way I do things”.

And finally,
Either prospect chooses to stay: and he goes on my main list.
Either he has not enjoyed the delirium: and he will look elsewhere (he is strongly encouraged to do so).

Obviously all this significantly reduces the number of tourists on my list,
And that’s good, because these profiles are useless!

do you want the number

Let me close by giving you some of the quantifiable elements (and I admit that crop up with a little hard work) that come straight from your business.
– elements that are not meant to support my thesis, but which are why I defend it –

  • Lead magnet in the form of a very attractive .pdf with stack that people absolutely want to know is the best way… to keep maximum customers.
    By insisting on Facebook ads, I paid my customers €0.28.
    Monthly revenue per customer for this sample in a month: € 0.21
  • No lead magnet but a good sales page to promote your email is the best way to get the very best when it comes to customers and… get the most out of your list.
    By insisting on Facebook ads, I offer my clients 1.56 € . pay for
    Monthly income per month of this sample: 3.85 €
  • Lead magnet in the form of free training by email (1 email/day for 7 days) is definitely a good compromise… when you are just starting out.
    By insisting on Facebook ads, I paid my customers 0.77€. paid
    Monthly income per customer for this sample in a month: €1.38

The topic is not discussing whether I can do better on Facebook Ads (answer required yes)
or even my income per customer (or the way I calculate it) is good,
Or if I’m the king of the demogo with this performance,

But to judge the relevance of this or that point of view in matters of magnetism.
And talking for once is enough…

If this lesson doesn’t make you allergic to me (which wouldn’t be too surprising),
You can join my email list and receive my daily marketing lessons.

But as you can imagine, there will be no gifts in lieu of your registration.
(And the response I got to my welcome email is to the contrary ^^).

See you soon on this blog, in your mailbox or anywhere else,
Siao goodbye!


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