The king of communications Burger King celebrates the restaurant’s reopening in its own way!

After being closed for more than 7 months, Burger King France, the good king of communications, is celebrating the return of customers to its restaurants. Discover your new marketing and communication campaign that is full of humor, quirky, innovative, because the brand knows very well how to do that!

Dear Burger King customers, don’t change!

We say that “customer is king”. They can be boring, annoying, annoying… but customers are the heart of any business and Burger King loves all, none… Insist on, screaming kids who wait and work all day in restaurants and only order coffee…

At Burger King, annoying customers or not, he loves them and misses them all! The brand has made this clear in its latest marketing campaign “Miss You”. The 30-second spot premiered on TV, social media and in-store on June 5.

As always, the brand uses humor to sell and this time to celebrate the reopening of restaurants in France and Belgium. He chose to expose all the annoying habits and behaviors of his dear customers because they remembered them, and it worked!

The king of communication has managed to be as effective as ever. Remember, Burger King launched a great communication strategy on Twitter during the lockdown. And it was cardboard too! Holy Burger King.

the power of humor in marketing

Humor plays an important role in effective advertising, but don’t just “make fun ads”, think about it seriously. The use of humor in marketing is an opportunity to create value.

Of course, there are many ways to make your branded content more interesting. You can use experience marketing, imagery marketing, or persuasive storytelling that inspires your audience and helps them engage with your brand in a more serious way. But there is a special kind of magic in comic marketing.

In advertising, humor can be situational, anecdotal or character-driven. When it comes to laughs the main goal is always to keep the product in sight. Companies want their brand to be associated with this good spirit.

Several studies suggest that humor can have positive physical and psychological effects, reducing stress and anxiety by releasing endorphins in the body. These advantages are also many for companies:

  • Humor has the power to build trust between the joker and the laughter, further enhancing the bond between your audience and your brand;
  • The humor is also fascinating. Funny content is the best way to capture the attention of your target audience, especially new ones;
  • Basically, humorous marketing increases engagement. Whether you write a funny blog post, post a hilarious tweet, create a fun infographic, your audience will be more likely to read your entire post, leave comments, share your content with their friends, and come back later.

be careful where you step

Telling jokes about certain topics may seem petty or insulting to them. So it’s best to be careful where you step. To find the right topic, remember that timing is everything – making the wrong joke at the wrong time can make you unprofessional, amateurish, and insensitive. Remember that any level of humor has the potential to hurt. So always be consistent, creative and aware of what suits your audience. These are the golden rules for being a brand of fun that you know how to be.

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