The Copywriting Formula That Converts The Best (+ Analysis Of An Article With 1 Million Views)

It’s been many months… still the same street. You are working hard on your YouTube videos. You want to create truly unique content. It must go viral! But… no result…

no one is watching your video

And it’s disappointing.

It’s frustrating because you know you have something to say!

You know that your solution is correct.

You know you can help people.

But there is no way to stand out from the crowd to reach your target audience.

Suddenly, you see what your competitors are doing.

They seem to have no problem finding customers… even if they do less good stuff than you!

And that’s what makes you sad.

Why do not you ? what’s the problem ?

You are missing a knowledge, a secret weapon.

A formula so powerful that it can change your marketing forever (that’s all).

Buckle your seatbelts, my friends, because in the upcoming video I will explain this formula in detail to you!

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Source: Neuro Nomade

watch the video once

This formula is awesome, isn’t it?

(So ​​great that I released another video where I explain how Marketing Mania, David LaRoche and Gary V use it, click here to see it).

But, I think you want more.

And that’s cool, I have so much more to offer you!

By “more” I mean introductory analysis of an article that has been read more than 100,000 times.

this article? This is Kevin Kelly’s famous “1000 True Fans”.

article analysis

(Note: “Long Tail” is an economic theory indicating that the more popular a product is, the more people will use that product. You’ll find a more complete definition here.

“We know that the long tail is good news for two categories of people: some aggregators, like Amazon and Netflix, and 6 billion consumers. Of the latter two, I think consumers get the most from the wealth hidden in endless niches. There is benefit.

But the long tail is certainly double-edged for the creators. Individual artists, producers, inventors and makers are overlooked in the equation. The long tail doesn’t increase designer sales much, but it does add to heavy competition and endless pressure on prices. Unless artists become huge aggregators of other artists’ works, the long tail offers no escape from the quiet gloom of short selling.

What can an artist do to avoid a long tail unless blockbuster success is the goal?,

Let’s go through this lesson one by one to better understand why this introduction is excellent.

“We know the long tail is good news for two categories of people: some aggregators, like Amazon and Netflix, and 6 billion consumers.

This first line is used to introduce the context.

“We’re going to talk about the long tail”.

Kevin makes sure of two things:

  • he only talks to people who know the long tail (making it possible to filter his audience);
  • He shows his target audience that he is with them (with “good news”).

Of the latter two, I think consumers benefit the most. abundance hidden in the bottom Infinite.

This sentence has a very specific purpose: to show the importance of the long tail.

“You must be interested in the long tail, gentlemen, for it is a place full of riches.”

All that’s left is to introduce the problem!

But the long tail is definitely two-way For creators. There are individual artists, creators, inventors and creators neglected In the equation.

Without waiting, Kevin knelt in Chance!

A fear appears from among them: “Used badly, this long train is double-edged. And you may find yourself neglected in the equation”.

Of course, this problem won’t speak to everyone, and that’s it!

Kevin doesn’t target everyone, but only small individual artists who want to make a living from their creations, and who know the principle of the long tail.

Thus, he filters his visitors aggressively, and makes sure to firmly hold the attention of those who identify themselves in his talk.

He presents them with a simple problem: “If you don’t understand how the long tail works, you’re going to fail!”.

But a problem is of no value if it is not justified.

“The long tail doesn’t increase designer sales much, but it does add a heavy competition And a infinite pressure low prices. ,

That’s all, he caught his fish.

All the actors are scared of these lines! They are faced with a problem they recognize.

it’s time for kevin to get excited

Until artists become huge aggregates of other artists’ works, the long tail provides no escape for the quiet stay of short sale,

See how Kevin describes the anti-profit: “short sale”, “no escape”.

Reading these lines, she felt a lump in her stomach.

He said to himself, “It’s true, I have low sales, how do I get out of this mess?”

There is no escape now!

But then how to?

He should keep reading the article!

What can an artist do to avoid a long tail unless blockbuster success is the goal?

And skillfully, Kevin presents his solution:

“If you haven’t had big blockbuster success yet (which is what people reading this do), here’s my solution”.

One solution is to find 1000 true fans.

And boom!

The context has been kept.

Solution is presented.

It remains only for him to develop in the rest of his article (which you will find here).

Anyone who identifies this problem will read his article.

The proof is this: his text has been read by hundreds of thousands of people.

Abhu you !

Understand your avatar’s issues.

Follow this formula and…

wreak havoc in your market.

(And if you want more analysis of this formula to better understand how to apply it to your marketing, click on this video!)

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