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In the marketing world, it is important to know how to find the right words to persuade our customer to buy our product. With the right words, it’s easy to boost your sales while improving your reputation! So let’s see how copywriter Ideal person to help you…

Why do we call him?

We call upon the skills of a copywriter for the following reasons:

  • Improve the text of your site;
  • Enter attractive and engaging text;
  • Create a sales page;
  • Create email sequences;
  • create an advertisement for social networks;
  • Analyze your marketing strategies;
  • Convert your traffic rate into customers who will buy your product.

the art of manipulating words

You have created your website. It’s beautiful, but your visitors don’t last long on it… One of the main reasons is because you can’t capture the visitor’s attention. This is where the copywriter comes in! This will make your text more attractive through word manipulation. To do this, he puts himself in the role of the specific customer. He tries to find out what drives them to visit your site. Next, he should be able to create a text that immediately grabs the customer’s attention. It is important that the first words of the text attract our customer. The most important element in this case is the title of your page.

customer psychology

To increase your sales, it is important to know what your customer is looking for. So a copywriter will try to bring out a variety of emotions and meanings in the client. We know that customers base their purchases on emotions. So your customer should be in the spirit of trust. So the copywriter will seek in his texts at all costs to promote the benefits of the product and how it will improve the life of the customer. Your customer will buy your product only after this relationship of trust is established. Everyone is now trying to improve their living conditions. The text that the copywriter will write to present your product to your customers will therefore create a sense of lack of motivation to the customer to buy it. Yes, just like a drug.

More information on customer sentiments here.

email order

We often ask copywriters to create an email sequence that our customers then send to an email list. This is usually the first contact you should make with your customers. These are well-known subscriptions to newsletters. Whether you are a large company or an independent, be aware that emails represent the largest portion of the revenue you generate with your products. Why is this so important?

  • Everyone has an email address;
  • If he receives your emails, it means he is already interested in your product (he has entered his address to receive your emails);
  • This marketing is allowed, as it is the customer who decides whether they want to receive your emails or not;
  • it is not coercive and intrusive (it is not imposed on the client);
  • It is easy to use;
  • The customer does not need to research your product on his own;
  • This allows the customer to get a taste of your product through your email.

Email is the foundation of all businesses online and in everyday life as well. Emailing has the biggest return on investment in marketing. For € 1, spending on email in copywriting services yields a profit of € 40, or a return on investment of x 40! Why ? Because the copywriter knows exactly how to entice the customer and make them buy the product. This is an important sales booster for you, don’t you think?

Graph representing return on investment in dollars of marketing strategies for a $1 investment.

Master in Creating Sales Pages

In addition to mail sequences, the next step is sales page, You managed to drive your customer back to your site. Here is the final barrier between the customer and the payment. How to Build Your Sales Page!?

  • which length?
  • what title?
  • What should we emphasize?
  • How to make it attractive?

But it is not completely normal. Think of your sales page as a consultant who introduces your product to the customer. It should be simple, clear and answer all the doubts, questions and expectations of the customer. This is unfortunately the part that is most neglected in sales sites that we see. However it is the most crucial part in selling your products. Hiring a copywriter is always a sign of exceptional sales boost for any product, being able to write down and predict customer behavior.

It is not uncommon to see sales of a product explode after the intervention of a copywriter! We’re not talking about selling anything else here, but exponential growth ,

It is because they are aware of all the previously seen strategies that the product sellers have complete confidence in them when writing them. They know that investing in this page will be beneficial for them every time.

Regarding ads on social networks

Here, the copywriter will take care of making the text longer or shorter depending on the requests to enhance the product of the customer. It will be based on simplicity and speed of attachment here.

in short

That’s why copywriters are an essential asset for those who want to sell their product. He is the one who understands the customer and his expectations and guarantees you exceptional return on investment, emailing, sales pages or advertisements. It is what turns visitors into customers ready to buy your product without even thinking about it.

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