The ancestor of video games?

Do our sweet childhood sweets always have the same recipe? I’m writing this article, or rather, this little reflection note after a revelation I had about casual gaming this weekend. : “Really, casual gaming was there first, wasn’t it?” …

Just when you think that Pacman was born 30 years ago in an arcade in Japan under the name “Puck Man” (in passing a bit of culture, it actually comes from the Japanese “pakupaku” which means: to be greedy) ) In short, a lot of caring people decided to change the name for the game’s esports to avoid all the bad sentences with Puck Man, who could see his hero parody by replacing P with F. Packman was born.

yet we all played candy Crush, Angry Birds, The Smurfs, Pet Rescue… These famous applications available on iPhone, Android, Facebook… are the breakthroughs of recent years in terms of games, and for a revolution, we still have to be away from the 80s! What is happening ?

candy Crush Saga

Can these novelties be considered antiques? Could This “New” Trendy Movement Be A Hot Food? Because, yes, casual gaming is actually the ancestor of video games. Remember, our first video game (of course the old ones) Space Invaders, Pacman, But was this already casual gaming? Yes ! Absolutely!


At the time, apart from graphics and history, it was a truly complete video game. but what happened? Techno has evolved and today’s video games have a graphics, image quality and richness that we didn’t have before, especially with great HD TVs… but why go back to casual? Simple: Because of mobile. This small screen changed everything and we returned to the “basic” games called “casuals”. especially since it is true that you can play anywhere, subway, doctor’s waiting room, toilet (yeah don’t be shocked, a lot of people have this practice, it replaces the magazine ) does this mean we Are there going to be more games built for the Playstation, like XBOX on mobile or will we remain in a casual argument for years to come?

All new trending game square defense, As you will be able to see, we are going back to the more rudimentary and basic graphics and this is undoubtedly a stylistic influence. Casual return on casual. We have a game here whose goal is to help the Squires (little characters) resist the onslaught of their eternal enemy: the Roundies (the other little boys). To do this, we build our own maze to slow down enemies. Basically, we blast the bad guys but we think! Very accessible, this free tower defense game on the apple store offers multiple levels that declare hours of thinking.
We’re a far cry from the military atmosphere of some block busters on consoles. But after all, isn’t the question of atmosphere accidental?

Com_Square_defense __-_ __-_ Messaging_WEESHIZ

Note that this new app is made by Franchisees It was worth saying once! More info on their website:!

Purists would say that casual players are not the same as console video gamers… I don’t agree with that at all, and let’s not forget that the Wii completely democratized games. Its aimed at any age group and gender by giving the possibility to open the living room console. So the audience for “video games” is quite simply extended and democratised. A 2012 IPSOS study told us that 51% of French people have played video games in the past 12 months. Vishal ! On the business side, while the “new” casual gaming movement achieved “only” $0.2 billion in 2008, we’ll now be on the trend of 15 billion in 2014!

Has the future finally returned to the future? What’s the next step in video games? And even better, in your opinion, are new businesses hidden in old ones?

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