Telegram tackles clubhouse with Voice Chat 2.0

Telegram’s latest update brings major improvements to the voice chat feature that rolled out to users late last year. The new version, which Telegram calls Voice Chat 2.0, brings voice chat support to channels and introduces some new features to improve the voice chat experience…

Features have finally been deployed

First seen in a beta update earlier this month, the feature is finally rolling out. They thus allow administrators to host voice chats. To do this, all you have to do is:

  • Open the profile of any group or channel;
  • Press the three-dot menu icon;
  • Select the new option “Start voice chat”.

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What does Voice Chat 2.0 offer?

The update offers many features that rival it from Clubhouse, which has reached nearly 13 million downloads in a single year…! ,

• Facility to record conversations. It allows group and channel administrators to record audio of voice chats and post them on the group/channel for members who have missed live events. Saved discussions will be available in Saved Messages;
• New “raise hand” feature to help silent participants easily state they want to speak. Administrators may thus allow Participant to speak, open discussion, or remove Participant;
• An option to help admins share invite links for voice conversations and add titles to voice conversations. It helps members to see the topic of conversation before joining;
• An option to help users choose their personal account or channel account while joining the voice chat.

Unlimited Voice Chat Hosting: Voice Chat 2.0 allows hosting unlimited voice chats in Telegram groups and channels where you are an admin. Remember that on the first version, you could already host voice chat, but it was limited to thousands of participants.

The update also adds other features such as cancel a forwarded message or change the recipient. For voicemail messages, users can now listen to voicemail messages where they left off.

Tip to start a Live Telegram Voice Chat : Telegram voice chat can be started by the admin by first going to the respective group or channel. They can then press (⋮) or (⋯) to open the menu and choose “Start voice chat.”

Social audio is still in the experimental stage, but…

As the social audio market explodes, Telegram clearly sees an opportunity to compete with Clubhouse. Telegram’s unique features and reputation as a secure messaging service will prompt many people to at least try hosting voice chats on the platform.

As a marketer or business owner, you may be wondering if social audio is for you, if it takes too long, or if it is a good fit for a brand that is already spread across multiple social platforms. . In fact, the opportunities for using social audio to tell the story of your brand are abundant. It was a great way to meet new people, increase brand awareness, and connect with coworkers and prospects in a more informal, yet professional, event setting.

Like all communication channels, adding value is the best way to start. Once you are comfortable with Telegram or any social audio platform for that matter, you can offer your expertise, share ideas, provide useful information and create conversations that enrich conversations. can ask questions.

Social audio is still in the experimental stage, but be prepared to explore, experiment and be prepared for changes or challenges on your own in order to be successful.

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