Strengthen your company’s notoriety thanks to environmentally-responsible advertising items

More and more companies are looking to implement an environmentally-responsible approach, including in their communications. Ecological communication aims to minimize the environmental impact of communication as much as possible. It does this by reducing the consumption of natural resources, but also by reducing the use of waste and environmentally hazardous products. Today, let’s see how this can be applied to promotional item campaigns…

If you do not pay attention to the choice of your provider for the manufacture of your promotional item, you can easily find yourself with products whose production has a negative impact on the environment. Even worse, we may be ordering products made on the other side of the planet that multiply the CO2 emissions to reach us.

This is where the choice of its object becomes necessary.

1er Tip, try to choose items that are of real use to your customer. A promotional item thrown away soon after receipt is not only irrelevant to your communication purposes, but it has a huge environmental impact.

2th Tip, avoid plastic as much as possible. It has a strong impact when it comes to production and is still difficult to recycle in a large majority of cases. With the exception of PLA plastics (biodegradable plastics made from corn starch). Prefer materials like wood, leather, cotton or even recycled cardboard. As a bonus, these are more great ingredients that are more likely to please your target!

3th Advice, favor the “Made in France” design. Not only do you help the local economy, but you also avoid polluting transportation for as long as possible.

4th Advice, quality, always quality. This allows you to keep objects that move over time. It is necessary. Once again, quality plays into not only your environmental impact but also the return on investment of your campaign!

The good news is that more and more advertising item manufacturing companies are offering dedicated sections. By choosing from these sections, you are sure that you will not go wrong. For example, the Magic4Media site offers an “Eco-Responsible Promotional Items and Gifts” section, take a look. There are also wooden pens, leather keys or gourds that will allow your customer to avoid using plastic bottles.

Some tips for a more comprehensive approach

Some companies have decided to implement CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach. CSR is a concept in which a company integrates social, environmental and economic concerns into its activities. Find out more on this page of the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition for more information on this topic.

On the communication side, beyond the advertising items that we’ve just seen, it’s important to think about all of its communication mediums, both print and digital.

And yes, digital should be integrated as well.

Did you know that a site has a more or less strong impact on the environment depending on the way it is designed? Read our article on web eco-design to learn more.

In the same thought, try to limit the resources stored in your mailbox and cloud services as much as possible. Did you know that a standard email generates up to 4g CO2 and 50g if it has a large attachment (source: Futura Science), multiply it by all the email stored in your inbox. Consider creating a policy that encourages employees to empty their mailboxes regularly.

Similarly, when you choose your service providers and partners, make sure they have an eco-responsible approach as well. Try to build local partnerships as much as possible.

Finally, to facilitate the implementation of environmentally-responsible communications, be sure to employ a dedicated internal person to establish a realistic strategy and regular action to limit the company’s environmental impact.

It’s your turn !

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