Streaming Music & Podcasts on Facebook!

Facebook is following the podcasting trend by expanding its partnership with Spotify, great news for sharing and listening to full-length music tracks and podcast episodes directly on Facebook without opening any third-party apps , …

A new listening experience on Facebook

Spotify Miniplayer, the new feature, makes it easy to connect your Spotify listening experience to your Facebook community without having to open a third-party app. You can share what you’re listening to with your friends and others who share your interests.

This feature, already available in 176 countries, provides an additional publishing option for Spotify tracks:

  • Any user who also has the Spotify app installed on their device can listen to music or podcasts directly from Facebook. Continue reading when you’re browsing social networks, if you want, and even when your phone screen is off;
  • You can share a song on your Facebook profile, which users can go to Spotify to listen. You can also share Spotify links to Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories;
  • Facebook has included a Spotify link from its NPE team to its experimental app “Tuned”. So both platforms have a solid integration history.

How to listen to Spotify directly on Facebook?

Spotify Miniplayer is available for both the free version of Spotify and for premium subscribers.

MiniPlayer itself is an extension of the social sharing option already supported in Spotify’s app. Now, when Spotify users listen to the content they want to share on Facebook, all they have to do is:

  • Tap on the existing “Share” menu (the three-dot menu at the top right of the screen)
  • Then tap “Facebook” or “Facebook News Feed.”

When a user posts an individual track or podcast episode to Facebook through this sharing feature, the post will now appear in a new mini-player. This allows other people who meet your post to read the content while still scrolling or sharing it.

Facebook keeps pace!

Facebook also recently announced that it plans to launch its own in-app podcast player, separate from its Spotify integration. This will allow podcasters to broadcast their shows through their Facebook page. This may disrupt the partnership between the two, but development is still in its infancy. So it’s not quite clear how this item will play out at this time.

However, this is the first time Facebook has allowed ads to be shown on its platform by another company. Whether users listen to free music or listen to podcasts with embedded ads, Spotify controls the ad list, not Facebook. Since this partnership means sharing audio tracks between family and friends will become easier than ever, Spotify advertisers will have even greater exposure.

This integration should create value for both platforms. Even though Facebook users may be listening to audio from Spotify, it gives them an incentive to stay on the social network. And more time on the platform means more ad revenue for Facebook.

For Spotify, it could attract potential new customers through greater exposure to Facebook’s 2.85 billion monthly active users. Plus, it’s another step in Spotify’s broader ubiquity strategy. Making your platform accessible from anywhere can give existing users more reasons to subscribe again, thus increasing the engagement rate.

Source: Facebook

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