Storytelling, a marketing practice highly acclaimed by companies

Storytelling is a very popular business technique with companies and brands. It originated in the United States over 30 years ago, and has been so successful that professionals have not hesitated to adopt it in the Atlantic and around the world as well. The principle of storytelling is simple: it’s about making your products, your brand or its services known by using narrative communication. In other words, storytelling is telling a story to create emotion among the target. Why is storytelling so popular in the marketing community and how do you apply it?

benefits of storytelling

story telling is one communication technology Which has already proven itself in the USA, and even Apple has become the patroness of such well-known brands as Walt Disney, Apple, etc. Companies in France have also found success in using this technology. It must be said that its benefits are numerous!

Storytelling helps attract attention

Promoting the features of a product or service with advertising is a method that has been proven, but is no longer as effective, especially at the level of the generation that grew up in the age of the ‘Internet’ Is. Consumers are no longer as sensitive to advertising as they used to be, which is seen as intrusive. It is becoming common nowadays Learn about a product before you buy itbrands are therefore interested bet on authenticity,

Storytelling provides the best benefits draw public attention Since you are relying on authentic facts.

The most tangible example is undoubtedly that of the Come Avant brand, which has adopted storytelling in all its communications to attract the masses to its products. This brand of organic cosmetics has gained attention based on the story of the founder’s son, who he treated for red spots on the skin using his own organic soap. Result: The product was interesting, tried by some Internet users, and ordered. Today, the Comme Avant brand orders 400 to 600 products every day across France.

storytelling impacts

Like stories told to children, the story of the brand told through storytelling will be etched in the memory of your goals. Some psychologists support this discourse by saying Message given in story form is more easily remembered, And the more emotionally agitated the message, the better it will be remembered by readers, which in turn helps Build more lasting relationships with customers, Customers can identify with the brand as their story is no less than that of parents who use organic products to care for the delicate skin of their babies, and who have made their mark in this way. Started Business!

Effective techniques for building customer loyalty

Storytelling is also used for To win customer loyalty, Indeed, the expressions aroused by the story are more easily a feeling of affection, For example, in Comme Avant, the fact that their story is about a small family from the south of France who swears by organic in their bathrooms, has allowed other families who use natural products closer to them. Feel, and recognize yourself in your story. ,

By using storytelling, the brand knew strengthen your image, while its customers have been able to join in on its cause (100% organic here and zero waste), and are more willing to remain loyal to them, rather than looking elsewhere.

Storytelling to stand out from the competition

promoting your products and services through Storytelling is a particularly effective way to stand out from the competition., First, because your story can be one of a kind, and second, because it can be inspirational to others. The emotions your story has to offer A different look at your products and servicesYou think outside the box, and by using this technique, you can seamlessly demonstrate how you do to stand out from others.

How to use storytelling to communicate?

Storytelling is beneficial to the company in many ways, but you still have to tell your story! Like all other business techniques, it is essential that follow some rules To be successful in your communication strategy based on storytelling.

Prison d’tre instead of a presentation

If we take the example of Comme Avant, Target is more interested in how the company was born (for parents who were looking for the best solution for washing and caring for their baby’s delicate skin), a instead of a simple presentation.

So, instead of the famous “About” section so dear to all sites, Select “Our Story” instead And tell how you got the idea for your concept! This will attract more of your readers!

Emphasize the benefits of your product/offer

It is common practice to inform your customers about your products and offers if it is not necessary. In storytelling, we don’t just detail the content and features of the latter, otherwise, there would be no difference with the product sheet.

By opting for narrative communication, you should go ahead and Emphasize the benefits of your product,

adopt a tone suited to your goal

Storytelling will never be so porous once it has a clear understanding of its goal. This is why you must Give special importance to the tone you use To tell your story. Pause It All With Personal Anecdotes humanizing speech and identification facility.

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