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The current global containment situation is putting the economy under stress. Faced with this extraordinary phenomenon, companies are trying to keep in touch with their web audience through email campaigns based on their contact databases (customers and prospects), which only saturate the servers and reduce the pressure of advertising. under which the company is under. ,

It is in a historical context that e-commerce players must optimize to capitalize on their web audience. Web push notification is positioned as the best current communication channel to maintain your customer relationship by communicating in a direct and targeted manner.

Web push notification: a lever for direct communication

In normal times, a French Internet user receives an average of 39 emails per day, with the coronavirus crisis exploding this figure, as many companies seek to stay in touch and communicate their policy in this time of health crisis . What if e-commerce opted for a real-time, direct communication solution that doesn’t contribute to the saturation of Internet mail servers? Do you know about web push notifications?

Benefits of web push notification for e-commerce players

1. Capture Your Audience on the Site

With web push notification, you send a live message to Internet users visiting your website. Web push notification is 99% delivered, there is no risk that the internet user will miss it. Audience Capture is instant and allows you to send targeted messages to your e-commerce site visitors who have subscribed to your web push notifications.

2. Engage Your Visitors

You can increase engagement by notifying your visitors about your news or discounts, in real time, when they log in. Creating different scenarios, you can send a promotional code, for example, to an Internet user who stays on the page of his shopping cart for a while and therefore hesitates. Web push notification is used in this case as an element of assurance to encourage engagement and therefore sales conversion.

3. Encourage return to the site through free communication with your customer base

When you decide to implement a web push notification marketing strategy, the first step is to build a customer base. Once your database is established, you can create various recovery scenarios to encourage Internet users to return to your site. For example stock alerts, exceptional cut during a day, relaunch on shopping cart page not finalized, opportunities are numerous. Your marketing imagination is your only limit!

4. Refine Your Scenarios and Conversion Funnel

Implementation of various customer capture scenarios through web push notifications based on the journey of your internet users is essential to increase your sales conversion rate. Personalizing your messages according to the sales cycle of each of your visitors is essential to optimizing your website’s sales count.

This way you can test different scenarios and conversion funnels and select the most effective funnel for each situation.

5. Set Up a Remarketing Strategy

Depending on the platform you use for your web push notification remarketing strategy, you can take advantage of a large network of customers and communicate with them directly, even if they are not in your customer base. Adrenalead provides customer acquisition and loyalty solutions via web push notifications with an audience extension offering. Thus you benefit from a network of over 3 million customers on which you can distribute your offers to make yourself known and thus increase your online sales.

So what are you waiting for to activate a new source of income to boost your online sales?

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Adrenalead Launches First Customer Activation Marketing Platform by Web Push Notifications with Audience Extension Solution. The platform is designed to help e-merchants and retailers to re-target, engage and convert their customers through web push notifications. The platform is based on a behavioral and predictive targeting engine. Concerned about the respect of Internet users, the technology provides a “choice first” advertising solution, thus respecting the general rules on the protection of personal data.

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