Songs on your profile?

Are the 2000s back? Instagram is reportedly working on a feature internally that will allow users to add a song to their profile…

A New “Music” Option on Instagram

App tester Alessandro Paluzzi has noticed a new “Music” option available in Instagram’s profile settings.

Along with selecting and embedding songs, users will also be able to add optional captions.

A spokesperson for the social network said the feature was an “internal prototype” and was not being tested externally.

It is not clear whether the song will autoplay or not, but in the latest screenshot, it looks like visitors will be able to play the song from the profile.

how it works ?

The song you want appears below your bio, below your bio link. To add a song, you can go to “Edit Profile” and then a “Music” option will appear. From there, search for a song and add a caption if desired.

This can possibly act as a status update on your profile. As of this screenshot, users are limited to only 40 characters, strictly speaking, to “express their mood”.

Since this is still a work in progress, it does not appear that Paluzzi has been able to test the new feature. That being said, it is unclear how this new feature will work.

If we speculate, Instagram could either provide users with embedded tracks, let them upload their music, or the ability to select and link songs from the streaming service.

Tracks may be impossible to download as it may lead to copyright infringement – unless the songs were created by the users themselves. On the other hand, in order to connect a song to a streaming service, Instagram will need to partner with providers like Spotify, Deezer, etc.

MySpace nostalgia…

Does this feature sound familiar? Those who have been using the social network for a very long time know that Instagram is not the first to allow users to include music on their profile pages. Undoubtedly, re-introducing the feature on the meta-owned platform will spark nostalgia for the now-defunct MySpace platform, which was one of the first platforms to bring the feature to its users.

Indeed, at the time the social network was at the peak of its popularity between 2005 and 2008, users could add songs to their MySpace profiles. Being able to express myself publicly through song choice seemed brand new at the time.

This isn’t the first time Meta has experimented with music on profiles. As part of the launch of Lasso – TikTok’s long-forgotten competitor app – it was also possible to embed songs in Facebook profiles.

But so far, there’s no official word from Instagram on the live testing, or whether the song plays automatically when you visit a profile.

To be continued…

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