Snapchat Launches “Snapchat Trends”!

To showcase its knowledge of Snap ads, Snapchat launched a new Snapchat Ads Manager certification. Continuing this momentum, Snapchat is developing a combination of Snapchat Trends, Google Trends and TikTok to make the most of the platform.

The global digital ecosystem is dynamic, with new trends, information and concepts rising and falling rapidly. The vastness of the Internet and its dynamism have given rise to concepts such as digital consumer behavior and trend analysis. Today more than ever, these concepts are essential to marketing to businesses.

With this in mind, Snapchat has launched a new market research tool: Snapchat Trends. This allows marketers to research specific keywords and terms based on the amount of mentions in the app, to determine how their popularity and the buzz around these changes are evolving. For example these can be important events of the year, like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Sale, Halloween…

You’ll understand, this is a Google Trends or Pinterest trend, but specific to Snapchat.

The social network, which has more than 498 million active users, offers a new level of visibility to organic chat on Snapchat by seeing what the community is talking about and showcasing popular Snaps that cover every trending topic. it shows. The new tool specifically highlights:

  • Most popular keywords shared with the Snapchat community. The primary keyword search option auto-populates with search terms based on the text you entered in the primary field;
  • Stories that have been seen by a large group;
  • Amounts of mentions of the most frequently used words, compared over time, with graphs showing one year’s worth of data.
  • Overview of general trends over the past week:
  • Case studies and ideas to help you with your social media planning and strategy.

Indispensable for content creators

For creators, it’s essential to keep an eye on the latest trends and plan their content based on the hottest things. This is where Snapchat Trends can help a lot by not only providing insight into trends, but also by providing insight into conversation development.

Tap the trend map to open a page where users can see a detailed graph of how a topic’s popularity and its current engagement status has exploded.

A great tool for shaping marketing strategy

When it comes to marketers and advertisers, Snapchat Trends can prove to be a great tool for developing your marketing strategy and increasing product visibility. Brands can assess the latest consumer behavior, analyze Snapchat view rates to understand whether it’s time to launch a campaign or change their marketing approach.

Snapchat Trends will help brands understand consumer behavior and build user profile database based on social media activity to know their target audience for a successful and more targeted advertising campaign. For example, it would be easy to create a personalized Snapchat sticker or launch lens to highlight an upcoming product or campaign.

If you need training in this area, we also offer your web marketing training with a social media strategy component to qualify for CPF and certifications.

Source: Snapchat

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