Snapchat introduced new data

As part of International Friendship Day on July 30, Snapchat shared new information on how users can stay connected with their friends…

International Digital Marketing Friendship Day

Since the introduction of digital platforms such as social media for interaction and socialization, the word ‘friendship’ itself has evolved to accommodate new definitions. Now it is not about meeting face to face everyday, but about chatting on social media, tagging each other on photos, posting photos and stories declaring their friendship.

Digital has changed the way friends interact, so of course, the way we promote Friendship Day. Digital marketing and especially social networks like Snapchat is one of the best ways to improve brand presence and sales and increase brand awareness. Plus, it’s easily traceable so you can react and quickly determine if a campaign is working.

International Friendship Day, a boon for brands

Friendship day is one such door which opens many opportunities to promote your business. Its advantages are really important:

Build an affinity with the brand

For e-merchants and brands, International Day of Friendship is the perfect match for tough sale deals during pop-up events like Black Friday or sales. Nothing unites people – and builds trust – like friendship. It is one of the simplest and most powerful expressions of human connectedness. By celebrating International Friendship Day, e-merchants can harness this positive spirit, humanize their brands and shed light on how their products and services can improve the lives of their customers’ loved ones.

Grow Basic Marketing Metrics

For companies with referral programs, this day is the perfect opportunity to talk to people, generate leads, and acquire new customers who match their target demographic.

Promote long-term growth of business

Your current customers are your most powerful marketers. Their recommendation means more – and costs less – than any major billboard or smart campaign. Turn your customers into an army of brand advocates and you can permanently acquire new, high-quality customers who match your target demographic. Referred customers spend more, come back more often and continue to recommend brands to their friends, continuing the virtuous cycle.

About some connection trends on Snapchat

True friends have always been a huge part of Snapchatters’ lives. They make up for lost time this summer as the world returns to normalcy, according to Snapchat.

Adding real friends has thus become a main focus of the platform, helping it to position itself more prominently in the social media landscape. It emphasizes holding conversations in small groups as opposed to broadcasting all over the world.

Thanks to this social media strategy, usage and engagement rates on Snap continue to rise. According to the statistics released by him, almost 3 out of 4 Snapchatters go about their daily lives using the app to their friends. 77% of Snapchatters are using more Snapchat features than last year. Additionally, almost half agree that Bitmojis makes communication more fun.

Snapchat also revealed a sneak peek at some connection trends.

If you want to maintain relationships with smaller groups and more specific interests, these are important things to consider in the Snap experience.

Source: Snapchat

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