Sixth Edition of “More Traffic, More Business” Magazine

The “More Traffic, More Business” magazine offered free of charge by specialist search and digital marketing agency CyberSite is back for 6 daysth Editing. The end of cookies, Google Analytics and the GDPR, managing Facebook advertising campaigns without cookies… Many topics become more complex over time and many gray areas remain to be clarified.

For this 6th edition of More Traffic, More Business magazine, CyberSite has chosen to take you into partially uncharted territory, and engage you with their reflections on the elements that will shape the digital strategies of tomorrow.

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This new digital world to which it refers is governed by uncertainty and doubt: many areas of activity are affected by events of global dimension – sometimes less so, the background of which increasingly turns to climate issues .

Beyond these difficulties, there are highly specialized and profound “game changer” business developments in the digital marketing ecosystem.

Google Analytics changes and moves to version 4. Its data is transferred to the USA in the eyes of CNIL. Announcing the end of third-party cookies. A game changer for the entire online advertising industry. Expanding Google’s Black Box. The brakes on technical expertise, but also an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and turn to better, more efficient strategies.

For CyberCité, an agency specialist in SEO, SEA/media, social advertising, data analysis, content marketing and linking, the role is to adapt and find the best compass to navigate this haze of obstacles, changes and growth. The agency’s role is also to provide you with an enlightened, exhaustive and realistic reading of this holey treasure map, to accompany you with maximum accuracy towards appropriate digital strategies, sustainable and efficient solutions.

“Better Traffic, Better Business”

CyberCité Captured Bias! A “back to basics” approach to digital marketing that puts your various challenges, your customers’ needs, and your future goals at the center of everything. Tomorrow’s profitability and growth will necessarily go through a better understanding of the primary needs of your customers and your prospects, which prompts individuals to review their priorities to focus on the essentials. Faced with these observations, gaining height is more than imperative. So get on board, we’re leaving!

“More traffic, more business”

In this sixth issue of More Traffic, More Business, CyberCité Agency addresses the following topics:

  • SEO + UX = SXO;
  • Special Report: The impact of the end of third-party cookies in the new digital world;
  • Infographic: Obstacle course for tracking cookies;
  • How to manage your Facebook advertising campaigns in a cookieless environment?
  • Google Analytics and GDPR: What are the issues and what are the consequences;
  • New World Data: The End of the Golden Age at All Addressed;
  • Content Tour: On The Road To Performance!
  • What is social media communication in the ever changing world?
  • The role of agency in the new digital world.

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Article written in collaboration with CyberSite

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