Should You Be In Content Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been on the rise in recent years in a tech ecosystem prone to innovation. Now, she is all set to dazzle us by venturing into professional fields like web writing or content marketing. In this context fits GPT-3, a powerful AI that has completely revolutionized the production and creation of content …

Did you say “GPT-3”?

GPT-3 is an abbreviation for Generative Pre-Training, the number 3 refers to the third generation. As its name suggests, it is a linguistic prediction system for producing any type of text through a pre-trained linguistic algorithm.

Developed by Elon Musk and Sal Altman’s OpenAI company, it aims to reproduce natural language as closely as possible. The tool is based on a massive neural network that carefully studies human language to generate content that is similar to human creations.

GPT-3 covers several areas where content marketing features. Thus he could achieve many feats such as writing texts whose linguistic structure largely rivals those written by a human. Thus the system represents a real breakthrough in the artificial intelligence field as the most recent model of its kind.

What is this AI capable of?

Upon its release in 2020, GPT-3 generated much excitement around the world. And so far this AI with 175 billion parameters continues to impress. The famous media New York Times also considered it as “the most powerful language model ever”. But why the craze about GPT-3?

create different types of text

GPT-3 specifically allows:

  • to answer questions;
  • write articles;
  • summarize texts;
  • suggestion hook;
  • Translate languages, even generate computer code…

In seconds, this artificial intelligence can write on any topic, in any style, in any tone, with human-like conviction.

speech recognition

The content that this AI generates can also be converted into audio podcasts on platforms like YouTube. Services offering automated generation of audio content should soon hit the market, which would allow AI podcasts to be created on any topic. This could lead to an explosion in the number of podcasts available in the future.

Will GPT-3 Revolutionize Copywriting and Content Marketing?

Content marketing and copywriting are likely to remain the real challenge for professionals. We know in particular that the amount of content created and available on the web is equivalent to approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data (that’s a lot!) so AI-based content platforms have huge advantages. They can actually offer content almost on demand. GPT-3 was designed to outperform its predecessors and other existing AIs in generating human-like text.

This gives a significant advantage to web writers who can create content faster and have more time to focus on other projects. Businesses can also use it to meet their content marketing needs quickly and cost-effectively.

Limitations of GPT-3

Although this version is an improvement over the previous one, GPT-3 still has several limitations. And its designers confirm it! Yes, the time saved by using GPT-3 and its many other advantages is a real boon, but this AI cannot provide real added value to articles unlike a human.

In fact, GPT-3 is not as creative as us! It learns by assimilating vast amounts of databases, basing written content through word prediction on existing data. It’s often crazy and not always unique results.

As a result, GPT-3 has limited ability to understand complex data. Sentiment, which is an essential factor to enhance the effectiveness of articles, is also neglected, not to mention that content generated under GPT-3 still suffers from a lack of diversity and credibility.

Will GPT-3 SEO replace the pros in content marketing?

The answer is simple. No, this AI will not be able to replace editors for now. Even if GPT-3 makes it possible to automate the creation process, the content that is generated will always have to pass under human supervision.

So writing always needs a human touch to make the article captivating and catch the reader’s imagination. So while GPT-3 eases the writing process for marketers, copywriters will still have a role to play…

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