Share, Pin Ideas… Pinterest is launching new features to monetize your content

Pinterest just launched new features to help you grow your business and monetize your content. Content creators can use Idea Pins to attract users, but can also create sponsored content by collaborating with brands or through affiliate links…

After unveiling the 2021 marketing trends, Pinterest now offers a “paid partnership” tool to add a mention to Idea Pins, an evolution of Story Pins launched in May 2021, and more simply between creators and brands. Indicates partnership.

While still in beta, this feature provides platform users with greater transparency and authenticity. At the moment, it is available to some designers in 19 countries, including France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Colombia and Peru.

Pinterest developed Idea Pins

To further harness the vast potential of Idea Pins and monetize their work, content creators can tag millions of new or existing Product Pins directly to their Idea Pins. They will be able to share inspiring and achievable ideas more easily and motivate users to buy in a more natural way. Currently, this feature is deployed in the United States and the United Kingdom.

As a reminder, Idea Pins are for creators who want to tell their own stories using video, music, creative editing tools, and more. The feature appears to be largely in tandem with Stories from Pinterest’s own version of TikTok, as the new Pins allow creators to save and edit creative videos with up to 20 pages of content, as long as they have one. Professional account.

every thought can be in a pin a sequence of 20 video clips, and every Individual video clips can be 60 seconds long, This can be done using tools such as recording voiceovers, background music, transitions, and other interactive elements. Formerly story pins, idea pins run after 24 hours and do not expire. With the introduction of Idea Pins, Pinterest is moving towards interactive video content.

How to Use Idea Pins in Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Pinterest is a major e-commerce channel for brands. 89% of Pinners were inspired by Pinterest for a recent purchase, and its fusion of brand awareness and product discovery lends itself well to boosting customer conversions.

Many innovative features like these idea pins are powerful additions to your brand’s Pinterest marketing strategy. To use Idea Pins in your Pinterest marketing strategy:

  • Use Idea Pins to tell your story Idea Pins are an organic, scalable format for sharing your branded content. It’s the best canvas to help pinners turn inspiration into action;
  • Optimize the SEO of Your Content Your Pinterest and SEO strategies are very much linked. Keywords you know your audience is looking for and using them to inform your creation is a great way to make sure your content works;
  • Your video doesn’t need to be stylized Authenticity: What matters most to your Pinterest marketing strategy is authenticity. Plus, Pinterest Idea Pins has a robust editing toolkit that gives you everything you need to create beautiful and engaging content at your fingertips;
  • Take advantage of trends and ideas : A great way to keep your content current and relevant to your audience is to take advantage of the trending topics section to determine which content resonates with audiences right now.

Pinterest is a major channel for omnichannel brand mixing. Idea Pins as well as the new tools Pinterest introduces are features that, when leveraged properly, are a powerful driver of customer conversion.

Source: Pinterest

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