Set the duration of your pinned posts

WhatsApp is reportedly trying out a new feature to choose how long you want chats and groups pinned before automatically unpinning them. Not bad is it? This is what it gives…

WhatsApp wants to launch “Message Pin Duration”

WhatsApp is actively working on a number of new features to improve both the security and usability of the platform. The Meta-owned instant messaging app has recently introduced some cool features, like the ability to edit messages after they’ve been sent or share your screen on Android and Windows.

Also, to improve the user experience, WhatsApp will develop a new feature related to pinning messages.

Do you want to keep important messages at the top of the conversation and make them easily accessible? Say goodbye to constantly scrolling through messages to find that much needed information buried in your chat history.

WhatsApp will be working on a new feature so that all users do not have to go through all the discussions and thus save time!

Whether it’s important reminders, important updates, or important conversations, its “Message Pin Duration” feature lets you prioritize and organize your chats with ease.

By simply long-pressing a message or conversation, you can pin it to the top of your chat list for your chosen duration.

24 hours, 7 days or 30 days?

24 Hour, 7 Day and 30 DayS. whatsapp really want to provide you these 3 different duration thanks WhatsApp beta update for Android Soon it will be possible to select a specific period of time after which the pinned message will be automatically deleted.

Plus, you’ll be able to unpin the current pinned post at any time, even before the end of the selected period, giving you more flexibility and control over your pinned posts.

The report further states that the message pinning duration feature in WhatsApp will allow users to specify for how long a message will remain pinned in a chat. Users will have the option to choose a specific time period after which the pinned post will automatically be unpinned. The feature aims to give users more control over how they manage their pinned messages in WhatsApp chats.

Currently, the WhatsApp message pin duration feature is under development and not available for release to beta testers.

Better Productivity and Communication

With pinned messages, WhatsApp provides a tool that allows all its users to prioritize important information or announcements by leaving them prominently at the top of the conversation, ensuring they are easily accessible and messages Even with flows are not ignored.

So this feature is perfect for keeping track of urgent tasks or making sure essential messages are at the forefront of your attention.

The Message Pin Duration feature not only improves productivity, but also improves communication efficiency.

As of now, Message Pin Duration for WhatsApp is still in the development stage, and there is no specific information available regarding its release.

This feature is available on the latest beta, So, if you are already a beta tester then you can easily access the latest feature by installing the latest update via Google Play Store. But if you are not registered for the beta program, you can register for the program through this link.

WhatsApp has developed another interesting feature to continuously improve the user experience, Platform can automatically mute calls from unknown numbers, The feature has been available since last week to tackle the ever-increasing international call spam on the platform.

When enabled, WhatsApp will not ring the phone when a call comes in from an unknown number. Nevertheless, you will still be able to check the details like number and time of the call through the Call tab.

Source: WABetaInfo

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