Selfie A Marketing Success!

What is Selfie? Selfie, a picture of yourself taken with a smartphone’s camera, has become a popular trend on social media. Consumers post and share their photos in fun and creative ways. Marketing departments want to take advantage of this trend, launch and launch campaigns that integrate selfies into social sharing!

Original, a whole story…

The term was first used in 2002, it was voted down by Oxford Dictionary in November 2013, which also produced some very interesting iconography on selfies:


How is marketing and is it implementing the trend?

Several concrete examples have already proved their worth in various fields or activities, in particular:

in automobile

Toyota with the message “don’t shoot while driving” aims to use the selfie in its marketing but this time as a warning to drivers on road safety. To get the message across, he made an ad (photo below) to see it in its entirety, here it is: Young drivers taking selfies at the wheel.

They remind all drivers that driving is serious and in the pictures!

Les_jeunes_conducteurs_claquer_ »Selfie__au_volant __-_ CNN_com

on the net’s opticians

The Warby Parker Eyewear campaign was part of a campaign to inspire people to buy their eyewear online. So they allow customers to upload a photo and choose up to 5 pairs of glasses. The glasses are sent then the customer shares his photos with different glasses in selfie mode on social networks so that his friends and relatives can tell him which one suits him best.

for animals

An animal salon in Brazil wanted to send a message to humans by showing that their cute little animals also need to be pampered so they released several pictures of animals taking selfies with the same hashtag #Instadog!

He then distributed them as commuters on the street to bring people to the saloon.

Canine_Selfie_Ads __-_ This_Pet_Beauty_Campaign_Features_Dogs_Taking_Self-Captures

in the restaurant business

30 for themI anniversary, Hooters restaurant has asked many of its employees, and especially their waitresses take selfie photo Same day in front of restaurant and then share on Instagram with hashtag #stepintoawesome By asking your customers to do the same.

in written press

The slogan of the Cape Times newspaper in South Africa is “You can’t get too close to the news”. He illustrated the point by retouching famous, recent, historical photographs to turn them into selfies. Here’s a great example with Jackie Kennedy


on operators

AT&T also spearheaded the BeTheFan campaign to embed the selfie in the world of college football. The campaign also included several weekly challenges announced by actor Eric Stonestreet. The students had to complete the challenge and share selfie photos to prove it.

among telephone manufacturers

Yep, we save the best for last with that example of what you might have seen (unless you were locked in a cave for a week) of the most famous and shared selfies in entire history:


Unbeknownst to them, the biggest winner of the Oscars is Samsung! Yep, everything changed when Ellen DeGeneres released a white Galaxy Note 3 in front of 43 million viewers to take a selfie of the front row stars attending the event. With over 3 million retweets in two days, the Oreo campaign as well as the Oreo campaign during the 2013 Super Bowl makes cliché social marketing history!

Well, “oblivious to its full sandstone” leads to debate as there would be evidence to show that this photo was not taken innocently by chance “taken on the spot” for a moment. Josh Feldmeth, CEO of Interbrand New York, Toronto and San Francisco, said: “The circumstances were perfectly designed for this to happen … It was no accident. It is also said that Samsung promoted celebrity behind the scenes Selfie was signed to a Twitter contract…

I like to believe in the beautiful story that this is a picture, true, taken on the spot, without calculations, without dollars, without marketing … But still: bravo samsung very strong!

and what do you think? Have you ever used selfies for your marketing campaigns? Are you planning to do this?

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