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The rise of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol / Voice over IP) has been a real revolution for the world of telecommunications. In fact, VoIP has ended a virtual monopoly seen around the world: before its arrival, there were only a handful of telephone service providers available to businesses and individuals in each region. The new services available to individuals are tempting, but today we will focus on the offers available to professionals.

Before VoIP, companies had little choice in their telephone services: they often had to deal with an offer that didn’t necessarily fit their actual needs. But that was the first! Now, thanks to protocols like SIP trunking or IX, each company can benefit from a personalized offering perfectly suited to their needs.

We have already written about the differences between the different VoIP protocols and how to choose the best one for your situation. Today we cover the next step: how to get started.

We will introduce you the new VoIP platform that we are offering. It allows you to freely install and manage your installation with ease. It covers all VoIP related needs, from purchasing numbers (in over 30 countries) through of course managing your installation, and allows you to consult detailed statistics on your consumption.

Why Prefer VoIP?

VoIP has many advantages over traditional telephone installations (PSTN – Public Switched Telephone Network), here are three main ones:

1: Easy installation and maintenance : With VoIP, you don’t need anything other than an internet connection and software, which makes its installation very convenient. Once the installation is complete, you can easily adapt your installation to more or less adequate needs than initially planned.

2: An Affordable Offer: VoIP will allow you to make substantial savings if your company has large needs in terms of telephony, especially international calls.

3: Great Flexibility : Thanks to VoIP, you have complete control over your installation. This gives you access to a set of features that are difficult to access on a classic installation: call tracing and recording, cascading redirects and many more.

The main disadvantage of a VoIP installation is that you will be entirely dependent on the quality of your Internet connection: Make sure you have a stable connection before taking the plunge.

Autonomous VoIP

It all starts with the synthetic dashboard on our platform:

It shows you key statistics related to your account as well as documentation to get you started.

You will also find your balance there which you can top up directly from the interface via credit card or bank transfer.

Management of SIP trunk and IAX accounts

In the VoIP section on our platform, you will find your SIP trunk as well as IX account. You can create new ones in complete autonomy.

telephony ip caller

You can also specify the format of telephone numbers for each trunk as well as control the number of channels they have access to. Lastly, you can activate or deactivate each group or IP address directly from the platform.

account settings

You can view and manage the parameters of your installation on the platform, including: the number of incoming and outgoing channels, line identifiers (CLI), as well as the maximum number of calls per second.

telephony ip caller

When you register for the first time on the platform, you will have more restricted permissions than shown in the screenshot above. Don’t panic, it is our process to ensure that the platform is not used for malicious purposes. You just need to contact our support to prove that your company exists in order to increase the call capacity of your establishment.

Guides to get you started:

Do you need help setting up your setup? We have written various guides to help you:

CALLR SIP Trunking PDF Guide that provides you with basic parameters to adjust your installation as well as default configurations for the most common VoIP software (Asterix and FreeSwitch).

The SIP & IAX section of our Help Center, where you’ll find access to various tutorials such as the SIP FAQ, or a list of SIP response codes and their meaning to help you debug your installation.

Quick purchase of numbers in over 30 countries

You can buy phone numbers directly on our platform. If you’re not yet comfortable with the world of telecommunications, here’s an overview of the various settings that are required to complete the purchase:

  • Country : We start with the most obvious.
  • Format : ‘Geographic’ numbers are linked to a location while so-called ‘personal’ numbers correspond to mobile phone numbers.
  • Class: The so-called ‘gold’ numbers are easier to remember (than ‘classic’) because they are repetitive (06.XX.XX.50.50), sequential (, see both.
  • area code): If you purchase a ‘Geographical’ number you will be able to select exactly its region. Your potential customers will be more receptive to calls from a local number.
  • Zodiac : From one to a thousand, it’s up to you!
  • attribution method : If you buy more than one number at a time, Attribution mode allows you to choose the link between them. Sequential mode preferably specifies consecutive numbers (for example and If that doesn’t matter to you, then ‘random’ will do the trick.

The purchase order takes place in two phases:

1: The first reservation stage during which you fill the parameters mentioned above. Once you have validated your reservation, we will present you with the list of numbers you desire.

2: If that’s what you envisioned, you can complete your purchase.

The reservation step allows you to check the various numbers allotted as well as their cost.

Phone numbers are billed on a monthly basis. Each month, you will receive an email summarizing the costs associated with the various numbers you have.

telephony ip caller

In the Numbers section, you can specify each number individually (in a SIP trunk / IAX account) or manage the assignment by group.

Still have questions about managing your phone number with CALLR? We have a whole section of our Help Center dedicated to this topic:

Detailed reporting with accurate statistics

When it comes to telephony, statistics are essential. Our self-service VoIP platform gives you access to detailed reports to better understand your business:

telephony ip caller

We have many customers who use our service to make or receive international calls, so we offer detailed country reports in the form of a list or map.

telephony ip caller

Additionally, all of our products generate reports of your campaigns on your contact list. This allows you to gradually increase the level of detail of your campaigns to better target them. Also, you can make sure that you do not contact the same person more than once for the same topic.

A 360° telecommunications platform

Caller offers much more than VoIP. Our API allows you to enhance your call campaigns with various functions: call tracking, SMS sending, real-time call routing.

call tracing

Call tracing allows you to collect detailed data about incoming calls. With a thoughtful number allocation strategy, call tracing allows you to get an accurate measure of the return on investment of your “offline” campaigns. Here’s an article to get you started.

SENDR. Campaign Management with Voice and SMS

SENDR is a web interface for creating and managing voice and SMS campaigns. This allows people who are not familiar with the code to set up complex scenarios by mixing voice and SMS. SENDR has been used to set up hundreds of campaigns. Some of our users are so creative, we recently published a roundup of the smartest practices.

Grow your business with every phone call

With VoIP, you can take advantage of the unique potential of phone calls at any scale. Despite all the new technologies offered since online (email, social networks, instant messaging), the telephone network remains the most reliable channel to reach your prospects.

telephony ip caller

Source: HubSpot Blog

Social networks have potential but we should not be swayed by new technologies. Today more than ever, calls play a vital role in successful acquisition strategies.

Try CALLR, the versatile self-service telecommunications platform.

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