Secrets of a good launch strategy for your future app

Have you ever wondered what the launch strategies were for apps that require a lot of users to be interesting? You can imagine instagram Without content and without potential followers? either tinder Without suitors?

It’s a bit of a chicken or egg question… which one to go first? imagine UberEats There are no restaurants or delivery people ready to ride their bikes but without customer orders. Initially, opening apps and ordering food was not yet a part of consumer habits.

Starting an application is always complicated and yet so important. Infamy comes quickly…

If you’re building an app, you know that there are many things to consider from the very beginning of its design. If you’re afraid of forgetting a step, I’ve created a free guide that includes all these steps: “One app, how to do it? ,

How do you ensure a launch that makes sense and doesn’t lose the interest of your first users? Landing on a new app that doesn’t have enough interactions yet to be interesting is intimidating to many. These same people, from whom you would work hard to try your application, run the risk of abandoning it immediately, in addition, leading to a poor user experience, which they will not fail to share with the people around them . Often, app creators and/or developers think that putting an app on the Store is enough to increase the number of users, but this is not true. This is why I tell my clients that an application is not a plus for a business but a business in itself. Even if your app aims to be an added value to an already existing business, you still have to deal with it like a real business. Otherwise, it is doomed to disappear.

Integrate your launch strategy from the very beginning of your app creation

The solution to this problem is to incorporate your app launch strategy as soon as you’ve clearly established the goals you want your app to achieve:

  • solving a specific problem;
  • for a specific goal;
  • in a specific market or segment.

The Secret to a Successful Launch Strategy

Two secrets haven’t been exploited enough by entrepreneurs to fix this launch problem:

  • Early adopters: People who are eager to see your solution have entered the market and become your ambassadors;
  • growth hacking: Find a system, sometimes borderline, to rapidly increase the number of users initially but throughout the life of your application.

early adopters:


During the design of your application, conduct interviews and user testing so that your app is tailored to the actual needs of your users, not what you think they need. To complete these interviews, you need to find people who are in line with your niche goal and integrate them into the development of your solution so that they will want to use it. Why ? Thanks to the psychological lever of coherence. The solution you created aims to solve a specific problem that the person may have helped you create. You can compare this to a dress made to a person’s measurements: once the dress is finished, she won’t be able to say she doesn’t like it or that it doesn’t fit her. So these people easily become messengers of your solution. You know that building an application requires a lot of interviews and user feedback. Everyone who is directly or indirectly involved in your project is your first potential customer, pamper them!

former customer

It is fundamental to find these customers/users even before applying and do some sort of pre-sale/pre-launch of your solution. How to do ? thanks for building landing page And a blog that will provide a taste of your solution. All this with good communication. a. it’s so easy to make now landing page With no-code tools. One day, you may have a page that tells your prospects a problem they know well and a solution that is coming soon. purpose of landing page One is to create hope, a mystery, and a desire to know. if your landing page does its job properly, the people who consult it want to be notified of the launch of your solution and subscribe to your newsletter without any difficulty. You can, on this page, present your goal of your solution complex in a form other than the application, which will be the final solution that everyone wants to find. Finally, you can also propose a blog that addresses topics that are directly or indirectly related to your solution but that, above all, will interest your niche target.

In short, your launch strategy should be in place from the start and your main objective is to collect maximum e-mail addresses that will allow you to speak directly to people interested in your solution, on the day of your official launch. ,

Growth Hacking:

what is growth hacking ,

growth hacking It is a word that we hear a lot and which has been resonating for many years. What’s really behind this technical term, which literally means “growth hacking” in French. Behind these technical terms lies the implementation of imaginative techniques, sometimes dubious, intended to activate new levers of development. it is hacker/Hack the growth of a business. Please note, this action is usually not found the first time. It often takes a lot of trial and error before you get there. Sean Ellis was the first to use the term in 2010 but even today it is difficult to clearly define what growth hacking, The easiest way is to illustrate it with some concrete examples.

If you are interested in Growth Hacking, I suggest you read the book Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown

examples of hacking


  • Repost all ads in the United States equivalent to “le bon coin” or “2ememain” sites
  • Provide professional photographers to create ads that inspire consumers


  • Facebook began in a university, a small space populated only by the direct goal of the platform. This allowed them to start from a very solid base


  • The creators mentioned in their email “PS: I love you. Get your free email on Hotmail”. technology copied today Application With the mention “Sent from my iPhone” for all emails sent from their devices.

For many other applications:

  • Offer discounts or bonuses to people who refer new users.

You will understand, your imagination is your limit. The key is to understand what drives your goals and where to find your users. A little nod to the levers of gamification and marketing you can find in the book influence and manipulation by Robert Cialdini.

Needless to say, building an app without thinking about the launch strategy is the best way to make it crash. It is essential to know, before you start, how to get users first and don’t limit yourself to your only plan A. By thinking about it from the beginning of your project, you’ll save time, and therefore money, and you’ll feel more calm during your launch. You will also have time to build relationships with people interested in your solution. You must have already given so much that they can only give back to you. This is the best way to do business.

When you build an application, there are many things to think about in advance. If you want to make sure you don’t forget anything, check out the free guide “How To App?” download. ,

Keep the odds in your favor to build a successful application:

>> Read the book: Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown

>> Read the book: book influence and manipulation by Robert Cialdini.

>> DOWNLOAD FREE GUIDE: “One App, How To Do It?” ,

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