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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused social and economic disruption of historic proportions. Salespeople are no longer able to present their product as they did before the pandemic. The social cues, the good mood, the body language, these little details that can increase their efficiency have completely changed. how do they feel? What about their morale? What are they waiting for?

Business is going very well.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the ultimate recognition of the importance of sales manager leadership abilities. In addition to leading their teams in difficult business situations, many sales managers have had to rethink how their teams sell to remote customers.

This health crisis has also made it possible to prove the important role, especially in the post-crisis context, of salespeople. Aaptu, a specialist in the recruitment and training of salespeople, in partnership with the polling institute Opinionway, created the first barometer dedicated to the morale of salespeople.

According to the first results:

  • 58% of salespeople consider themselves to be crisis survivors;
  • 32% of them declared that their situation was the same as before the crisis;
  • 26% also saw an improvement in their condition.

Nevertheless, some remain skeptical of the future, as the crisis still fundamentally changed the way business interactions are conducted. which led :

  • 42% of professionals say they are in a less favorable position;
  • 52% of sellers over the age of 35 believe their condition has worsened since the health crisis. This is especially the case for women in this age group.

Seller optimistic about his business

Salespeople are no longer able to present their product as they did before the pandemic. still, The majority remains optimistic, no matter what the tough test:

  • Two-thirds believe the sales function represents a social lift;
  • 80% of those questioned consider themselves to be on the front lines of restoring French development in 2022 and especially those in the le-de-France region (85%);
  • 75% of salespeople are optimistic for the coming months, this is especially true in le-de-France (81%);
  • 86% of sales managers say they are optimistic.

To Didier Peroudin, CEO of Aptoo: ” Sales reps have returned to their pre-crisis activity, which may explain their optimism for the months ahead. They are now especially aware of the need to train top management and more senior salespeople, especially in new sales and sales management techniques, to accelerate their digitization, which, according to them, will be delayed. It’s over. ,

Modernization of training in the profession priority

According to the study modernization of training is one of the priorities in terms of training. Actually :

  • 82% of salespeople questioned that they want to modernize sales management.
  • 77% of respondents want to modernize sales techniques;
  • 36% think salespeople are adequately trained to deal with changes in business, apart from in the post-crisis context;
  • 61% want more support in digitizing sales jobs

Since the job of salesperson requires a certain perseverance and confidence which can be acquired through dedicated trainingThe most popular areas include:

  • conversation (23%).
  • prospecting (24%);
  • Leadership and Speaking (32%);
  • Account and Main Account Functions (39%);

And especially salespeople aged 50 and above want to take training in advanced sales tools. The same is true for sales managers.

Digitization and Expertise

Despite the current trend towards removal of silos, Salespeople say they want to gain as much expertise as possible ,

  • 45% for digital sales training;
  • 53% in the growth of digital marketing;
  • 54% in use of prospecting tools (LinkedIn, CRM, automation, etc.)
  • about 60% Expertise in customer acquisition and retention.

The study also reveals a strong demand for training in digital solutions among leaders.

After the pandemic lockdown, a clear trend towards sales training has clearly emerged. Instead of “one-time” intensive training, we are looking at a move towards ongoing vocational training. When your organization supports continuous learning through sales training, innovation occurs, processes change, and positive change is effectively driven.

Whether you are a salesperson, director of sales or are developing in this field, take a look at the training on how to grow your business with webmarketing to build an effective digital strategy.

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