Red Alert in Digital Marketing?

Big concern in the digital marketing world today! And for good reason, Artificial Intelligence is really starting to take over! After DALL-E, a generative artificial intelligence program capable of creating images, ChatGPT turns everything upside down. But opinions seem to differ. If some marketers seem happy, on the contrary others are more skeptical…

How is ChatGPT a real threat to marketing businesses?

Developed by OpenAI company, ChatGPT is a real achievement and answers almost all the questions. He is able to write blog articles, video scripts, e-mails, set up your editorial program, create visuals for social networks. It can also suggest topics, subjects, writing angles, questions for interview preparation, etc.

It draws on billions of sources to generate content in real time and within seconds.

No wonder that in just 5 days after its release last November, ChatGPT has registered almost one million users!

This massive upheaval has sent shockwaves through the world of digital marketing. The professions of web editors or even community managers, popular web businesses that are recruiting this way, seem to be at risk from this tool.

If you work in the field, then in a way you are right to be concerned! According to a study conducted by Sortlist among 500 professionals, 51% of employers are planning to reduce their workforce in this sector due to this technology.

And 71% of them think that this tool based on artificial intelligence can be Compete with humans and increase productivity Continuous Furthermore, some professionals have already registered productivity gains of between 25 and 50% with this tool, according to studies. Most are considering using ChatGPT in copywriting, for example.


ChatGPT: What are its limitations?

Do you think the situation is really worrying? Despite its power, ChatGPT cannot replace natural human intelligence. It has limits! It can perform many time consuming tasks, but with little added value.

Based on the billions of information on the Internet, it does not provide relevant text, because as a robot it is not able to establish a solid hierarchy in its information. It mirrors the internet from where you can get information only to create your own text.

moreover, There is a drawback to using ChatGPT, Information released after 2021 cannot be accessed. If you are going to use it for topical issues or news-based marketing campaigns, it will not be your ally. Hence, there is no need to think of marketing campaigns based on current events or newsjacking.

Another limitation of this tool: the absence of sources, which makes you skeptical about the veracity of some information.

Lastly, his biggest disadvantage is that he is not human. He is limited by his programming, unlike man who can use his intelligence, his creativity, his imagination, his knowledge. With no conscience or emotion, ChatGPT cannot be objective or subjective in its decisions. He directs his reactions based on how you interact with him. You can guide it to produce results suitable to your needs, even the wrong ones.

To get a good result, you need to know how to ask the right questions to this tool. We can use it as an assistant and don’t shy away from it to do the research for us. Of course, we can ask him to use a specific tone: relaxed, formal or lighter according to our needs, but The text will always lack sensitivity!

Overall, ChatGPT was seen as a threat to professionals upon its release because it can do too many things. But she quickly found her niche: that of the assistant! It is now considered as a tool that is used to facilitate the work of those working in marketing businesses. Certainly, the possibilities with this tool abound and have put some employees on red alert. Although, it cannot compete or replace human beings when it comes to creating relevant and unique content, it has its own limitations.

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