Ready to recover by reconnecting with your digital audience?!

CyberSite is organizing a morning webinar dedicated to tourism and mountain stakeholders, Tuesday 18 May from 10.00 to 12.00 . So far, After this long complicated period for all tourism stakeholders, it’s time to think about recovery!

To do this, CyberSite is organizing a morning of webinars dedicated to tourism and mountain stakeholders on Tuesday 18th May from 10.00 to 12.00 hrs.

The context imposed by the health crisis is prompting tourism players to completely rethink the objectives assigned to digital. Today more than ever it is important to ask the right questions about your digital strategy.

At least given the precarious economic situation, it is necessary to challenge your digital strategy, put it in perspective and look at it from a new angle.

And this angle is about restart!

Set new goals, redefine a new digital strategy to suit the situation, and take advantage of the growing audience that digital has to offer.

Boost your presence and visibility on the web, re-engage with your audience effectively, reclaim your digital exposure, especially thanks to SEO and an optimized editorial strategy… these are the challenges!

Morning webinar schedule:

You will miss out on the SEO redesign of your site, and that’s why!

Webinar organized by Alban Renard, Expertise Poll Manager

10.00 to 11.00. So far

No solution to build a website is fundamentally 100% SEO compliant: the needs of advertisers are often focused on the user and innovative and/or trendy techniques. Lack of knowledge of how Googlebot works often leads to strategic choices that put SEO in the background.

At the time of quantitative assessment, however, it is necessary to make corrections, or to rectify dangerous situations, to recover the “mysteriously missing” audience.

These wooden leg dressings can be avoided by integrating and prioritizing SEO in your processes.

Our little museum of the horrors of a failed redesign explains how to avoid these pitfalls!

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Editorial Travel and E-Tourism: How to Quit the Game by Succeeding in Your Editorial Strategy?!
Webinar hosted by Melanie Ros, Senior SEO Consultant

11.00 to 12.00. So far

If content marketing is essential for SEO, it is also an essential support across multiple channels. Give yourself every opportunity to be present at each stage of the customer journey, by creating your own “editorial roadmap” from your data.

Thus you will seize all opportunities to appear at the right time(s) for the “tourist of the future”, and therefore to become their holiday destination.

Focus on the keys to the success of an editorial strategy for e-tourism:

  • Understand how to build it, pollinate it and challenge it
  • Customize it to Your Customer Journey

explore new opportunities

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Article written in collaboration with CyberSite

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