RCS, the future of professional digital communication

What can be described as the most digital of Christmas will come at the end of this unprecedented year. Throughout 2020, digitization of commerce will have been an essential lever for consumers to be able to continue making their purchases. So digital has become synonymous with existence for retailers, whatever their size, through the relay carried by digital showcase over physical showcase…

In addition, 2020 has seen major changes when it comes to communication methods. According to Arcep, since the second quarter of 2020, with the explosion of voice services, French habits have become troubled. At the same time, instant messaging services like WhatsApp are giving preference over SMS.

The more time passes, the more established the observation becomes: Digitization is not a luxury or a fad, but a necessity. Having a website and efficient digital tools to support and support sales activities increases companies’ resilience in the face of systemic crisis. In this regard, new technologies can really help the business sector through such difficulties.

A good example of the support provided by the tech world to businesses is the BodemerAuto car dealership. For its communication, the company has decided to bet on the novelty of the RCS system.

RCS is the future of SMS, a rich SMS that can contain images, attachments, carousels etc. To compare its performance, Bodemar Auto launched the first RCS campaign in parallel with an SMS campaign. Thus the dealer observed that through RCS channel, an average of 1 click was received for every 13 messages sent, while 1 click was received for every 220 messages sent through SMS channel. So RCS is a particularly interesting tool for customer engagement.

To take full advantage of the RCS experience, Bodemar Auto turned to Digitalio and InfoBip, a global cloud communications and customer engagement platform that helps companies better connect, engage and retain customers.

This evolution of customer communication Infobip . That doesn’t surprise Hughes Trogan, director of France and Belgium., according to him, “It is very interesting to analyze how the French have used telecommunications this year. However, to say that an increase in the use of WhatsApp-type channels would signal the end of SMS is probably a bit premature. In fact, it is P2P SMS (exchange between two subscribers) that is on the decline. A2P SMS (from an application to a mobile subscriber) is still widely used. Applications like WhatsApp Business complement users’ favorite channels. SMS is One format that is in the process of evolving as it is now is RCS (Rich Communications Services). If this is a new format that is starting to gain momentum in exchanges between companies and their customers, the French will increasingly deal with it. ,

Is there really something to closely monitor the development of RCS? “This year, the three existing French mobile telephone operators, Orange, SFR and Bouygues, have chosen to position themselves on the subject through a partnership with Google,Hughes Trogan continues, Also, like SMS, but in an even more advanced way, RCS incorporates a communication channel that can be personalized in an advanced way to exchange with different customers and provide them with tailored information. . A recent study conducted by Infobipp reported that 74% of customers do not receive personal communications from brands, 47% completely ignore impersonal messages and 54% say they do not appreciate receiving them Huh. The statistics, which in our opinion, prove that deep down, it is personalization that matters rather than the channel. And RCS will make an interesting contribution in this regard. ,

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Tiphaine Coupel has over 10 years of experience in B2B marketing with managing software publishers, especially CRM SFA and point of sale and cash register software. It also went through an AI editor specializing in the automatic generation of natural language text. She now works for Infobip, an international publisher of communications and customer engagement solutions, as Marketing Manager for France.

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